Saturday, 18 July 2009

Y'all know why.

'twas Her song!


  1. You're doing video requests now?

  2. next video is you and the band, right, sugar? xoxoox

  3. I'm with Savvy, we need one of you and the band. You can be world wide celebs. Hope all is well with you this weekend.

  4. Um....didn't I request a "Map" video a couple of posts ago? :)

    Don't make us look like groupies...all begging and everything. ;)

  5. Sorry, no offence but i really hate this song. It brings to mind a snooty nosed Canadian/glaswegian hooker who used to frequent my previous employment. She used to sing this song on the karaoke...... whore!!!

  6. My mother – who hated short skirts with a passion, and all those who wore them – loved this song. This brought her, in all her confusion, right back to me, I gotta thank you for that.

  7. Pon; thanks hon! I do love the hugs!! xxxx

    Jimmy; requests; and yours would be?

    Sav; workin' on it sugar. Thing is, I is such a shy guy. Live, I am fine. But anything committed to posterity, freaks the fuckin' bejaysus outa me! So it Has to be goood!

    Madame DF; as above, 'cept never craved fame. Just wanna be happy doing what I do.
    And I'm doing fine for now.
    ( There is a big down coming soon tho', I know I've been putting it off, and I feel it coming to a point, it's on hold!)

    hope; see above.
    I love ya all!

    The broken down barman; what can I say. This was never a favourite song of mine either!
    But it was the only song my big sister sang at parties, gatherings, family functions. In other words, happy events.

    So, whenever I hear it, all I am reminded of is the happier times we spent together, and the fun we had, and the love we had for each other.

    And it makes me smile through the tough times I am going through in my grief since She left us.

    But I understand that 'one man's meat is another man's poison' and different things mean different things to different people.

    And I am way past the age of taking offence.

    I wish you happies.


    Eryl; I am with you!