Sunday, 5 July 2009

Sunday Night

This was what I heard every Sunday night when I was a kid!

But it was Mam and Dad, not Jeanette and Nelson.

They would sing to each other, with love.

It would 'annoy' us kids, 'cos we had school next day.

But secretly, we loved it!

'Cos fuckit, our parents were singing to each other.

While the kids next door had to listen to their dad beatin' the crap out of their Ma!

And I wonder where I got the singing bug?


  1. what a fantastic memory, sugar! i wonder what our kids will remember about us? xoxoxo

  2. The love your parents shared with each other is evidenced in you and your family, Map. How lovely that you have that kind of a memory of their display of affection for each other! So many keep hidden the true feelings in their hearts for fear of being called silly or sentimental. Fabulous! xoxo

  3. My oul fella used to come hame of a Friday neet 3 sheets to the wind. James Connolly was his favourite, closely followed by the Broad Black Brimmer.

    Next door, the bairns used to listen to their da beating their mammy with an iron.

    Who'd be a catlick?

  4. Sav; my kids will surely remember my gloriuos farting! xoxox

    Pon; I have no fear of name-calling. And I will always try something, even at the risk of looking stupid or silly, just for the heck of seeing what happens.

    Jimmy; we have a lot in common pal.

  5. Sav; glorIOUS! (It must be my age!)

  6. That's lovely map! We sing to each other, and Hedgehog rolls her eyes and smiles.

    and p.s. my husband loved your post, "do you Mary," he thought it was brilliant, and he said to tell you that he always always thinks of the band!!!

  7. if my wife starts singing to me I'm leaving.

  8. Leah; thanks, enjoy your break. And sincere thanks to the Sarge for keeping the band in his thoughts. xxx

    Momo; I'm sure you would love it!

  9. Lol at the farting. You're such a perfect dad!

    My parents didn't sing to each other, but we always shared really bad puns at dinner (food being scarce...) and that's what I remember from my childhood.

    And Nelson Eddy was a fine figure of a man.

  10. Madame DF; Mam says that food was scarce in our house when we were kids, though I never remember being hungry. But we did eat anything that was served, no fussy eaters us!

    I watched some of the Michael Jackson memorial on TV with the girls tonight. I must confess I was quite irreverent with my commentary, but they DID laugh underneath the "Dad, you're terrible!"

  11. I had to listen to my dear ol' dad singing " PATSY! what r u doing watching the television, most NORMAL families are in bed by now! (9.30pm) while he was standing theer in his shreddies. It was ok for him, he used to be a lorry driver out for three days every week and spent the lonely evenings out in pubs or clubs. Not a nice life I know now but we lived in fear of him coming back home. He wasnae a nice bloke to live with.

    He's lonely as feck the noo and I feel so sorry for him, he still hates me mam but he loves her. He loves me to bits but too late to show it.

  12. Ron; I loved me Da to bits, but was always too shy to say it. He was a lovely, quiet man.
    A gentleman of the highest order. And I so regret not having ever told him that I loved him! I miss him still.

    I never had a pint with him, and that's probably why I go out for pints with me pal and his Da. I spend most of the night sharin' tales with the 'oulfella!