Tuesday, 14 July 2009


Mam gave me a present a couple of days ago.
For no particular reason.
It's not just me, She's giving things to everyone it seems.
She gave me a litre of brandy, Hennessy, my favourite.
I always have one Hennessy before every gig I do.
And She knows this.

"And keep it to one", She says.
"Make that bottle last a while"!

I don't have a gig tonight.
But I've opened the bottle anyway.
I'm drinking my Hennessy from a wonderful tumbler.
Which I stole from one of my wedding parties at the weekend!

I'm just pure fuckin' evil me!

Cheers to all.


  1. cheers! i think i'll have a small sip tonight myself, sugar. xoxox

  2. excellent.

    (please could you get me a couple of vases at your next gig? i'm running low. can never have too many vases, can you?)

  3. Now you see.. this my friend, is why we cherish our beloved mammy's for as long as we can.

    Evil.. you? Nah, your that Stew fae the stage, a singing fella with a gift of being able to bring together all sides of the coin.

  4. I'll have mine with a Babysham...

  5. Can I make friends with your Ma? I like Metaxa, in case she asks.

  6. Sav; it's great for what ails ya!

    the projectivist; of course m'dear. Would Waterford Crystal suffice?

    The Man at the Pub; yummo indeed. Welcome to Mapland. I like your pizza recipe!

    Jimmy; now you said it boss. I cherish her dearly. I get my rascally side from Her, as well as the singing!

    Scarlet; Babysham? Is it still around?
    My sis-in-law drinks her brandy with Bailey's, Orgasm I think she calls it. Your street, right up that would be, no?

    Anna; friends you say? She probably knows ya already! She knows everybody!

    And I will pass on the request for Metaxa.

  7. Oh, you're soooooo bad Map. I like it fine enough. Make sure you drain the bottle.

  8. Sorry, don't have a bottle to hand you....but if you'll stop by my blog, there is an award with your name on it. :)

  9. Madame DF: And don't you forget it!
    (Promised Ma I'd take me time withit, so it won't be draned for at LEAST a week!)

    hope; what can I say. Thank you.
    Just being meself!
    (I actually blushed when I read this!)

  10. Kim; I'll have a Guinness so.

    Ah, and here comes Jimmy.

  11. Mums are great. Booze be the best present a hungry man can receive!

  12. Mmmmmm

    That is all.

    No wait. Here's more.


  13. Greenfingers; 'tis true! Mums & Booze!

    Dev; ;-)

  14. well thats it. time to crack open a bottle of 18yr old deerstalker and get things serious!!! after all it is tuesday, em thursday,errr saturday?? oh who cares. lets get gassed........

  15. the broken down barman; now yer talkin'! Welcome to Mapland. And don't forget that bottle.
    (You DO know it's B.Y.O, and one for the host?).

  16. just checking in and having a glass...xoxoxo

  17. Mmmmm, Hennessy, it's definitely a Hennessy kind of evening. One day I hope to be the kind of Ma your Ma is.

  18. I'll tip ten pints of Guinness to yer one Hennessey, sir! I used tae drink brandy but that is tae fock the noo.


  19. Sav; have one fer me darlin'!

    Eryl; I'm sure you are already! Cheers.

    Ron; Hennessy in moderation!
    Now Guinness, that's another matter.
    Sunday neet's a guinness neet!
    I dinnae work of a Sunday, not for religgy reasons, 'tis 'cos no wans git wed on a Sunday here.
    So we has ta go on the pish!
    Has tae be done.

    ( Is my accent ok?)

    Cheers pal!