Friday, 30 November 2012

Doctor, Heal Thyself

I am not well.
Today I payed a visit to me Doc. He's been 'lookin' after me for 30 years now.
I was the last patient before his lunch break.
'Go ahead in Martin,' says he.
He seemed distracted
I went into the room, and waited.
For about five minutes.

He came in.
'Howr'ya doc' says I.
He sat in his chair, head in hands, for a few seconds.
'Martin' says he, 'I was 60 last week, I'm gettin' too feckin' old fer this game!'
'Sure ya don't look it at all doc' says I, 'haven't ye the full heid of hair and ya nearly 10 years younger than meself!
'Can we talk?' says he.
'Shoot' says I.
And for the next 15 minutes or so my doc told me of his woes.
'Thanks' he said, I don't get to do that too often. I'm tired today, the state of this country has people in a bad way. It's getting to me. Did I say I was tired?

We had a laugh after that, we know each other a long time.
And we eventually got to the reason as to why I was there!

I'll survive, despite the procedures he prescribed. (Hopefully!)
He's a good man, my doc.

As I was leaving I said, 'have an easy night, share a bottle of Merlot with Herself, see ya soon'.

'I will' he said, 'thanks Martin'..

'Take it easy T**' says I.


  1. I had a doctor just like yours, for about 30 years my doc looked after me, birthed my children and my childrens children. It was a great and sad loss when he retired and left for a coastal retirement...

  2. Well now, if it isn't the healing powers that yis have about ye. Is there no end to your talents these days?

  3. See that...we all have the power to administer medicine and heal the weary. Sometimes it doesn't require an advanced degree.

  4. Tempo; Ya he's a good'un. Hope he stays a while longer. :¬)

  5. Chef; I'm good at the listenin', that's all. :¬)

  6. Mere listening can often work miracles. ;)

  7. Aye, nae too bad at the blether either, eh wee man?

  8. You'd make a great Samaritan.
    I hope you are doing whatever is needed to restore your good health.

  9. Samaritan is it? The very thought of your man here trying to soothe me off a ledge with the suicide firmly in my mind makes me shudder.

    I can picture it now.

    "Ahh Jays.. can yis no hold on to the ledge a while longer while I finish making a cup of tay?"


    "Hi, I cannae come to the phone right now and might be a wee while, but if you could hold off taking any more sleeping pills until I return from the bingo, that would be grand..."

    Och, Samaritan, the very idea indeed!

  10. hope; I even have a couch! :¬)


    sav; Ditto from bubba! :¬)


  11. Pat; If it wasn't for Mrs.Map I'd never get to see a doctor! :¬)


  12. Chef; The blether all depends on the company, and the quality (not to mention quantity) of the 'lubricant'!

    I can't picture you on a ledge. Not with me inside and I eyeing up all them nice bottles!

    'Come in outa that ledge ya fecker before the cauld gets ya, ya big eejit!' :¬)

  13. Trust Chef to put a smile on my face at bed-time:)

  14. Pat; Ya, he's a loss to the 'Stand-up' scene. A comic genius! :0


  15. He who laughs last is usually loading a body into the back of a Range Rover with its engine running.

  16. I avoid any doctors, even nice ones!