Wednesday, 14 November 2012


It is indeed time for all Irish men and women to yet again rise up.

A time for politicians to tell the church to FUCK OFF!

A time for citizens to tell the politicians to GROW THE FUCK UP!

A time for Revolution.

A time for ME & YOU to make our voices heard.

A time for ME & YOU to STOP being the weak little 'it's up to the government' shits that we have become.

WE are the Government.

WE put them in Power!

It Is Our FAULT!

It is MY Fault!

It is YOUR Fault Ireland.


  1. Was it not a wee bit of bother that came our way the last time the lads had a bit of an oul rammy on the steps of the PO?

    Am I to be looking out for a broad black brimmer, ribbons frayed and torn as I pop into Sainsburys later the day?

    More importantly, will we be back in time to make the Aberdeen bus for the game on Saturday?

  2. Cumhacht chun na daoine!

  3. Not just Ireland mate...OZ too!

  4. Well apart from the church bit, I agree with you. ;)

  5. Hello there young fella. Mr O'Hara here from the off-sales in Sarsfield St. Just to let you know that you left your wallet on my counter last night after you paid for that small bottle of teeny-pop Lambrusco. I do hope that it didn't make you too giddy when you drank it straight from the bottle on my front step.

    I knew it was your wallet, I could tell by the way the sequins sparkled and the shape reminded me of Liberaces purse.

    I'll have the missus drop it round to you after the revolution you are planning has ended. Shall we say 4pm on Friday?

  6. I think we're ALL fed up with politics in general.

    It's hunting season here. Makes a nice girl like me wonder if certain other animals might be added to the list.

  7. Michael Collins: Agus misneach!

  8. Joey; Then we'll have to agree to disagree my friend. The church here has done more than enough damage to warrant my anger.

  9. Mr O'Hara; What a kind man you are. I have been beside myself with worry over the loss of that wallet. The contents mean nothing, but the wallet itself was a gift from a dear friend in Glasgow, and is one of my most treasured possessions. His wife fashioned it from one of his many sparkly G-Strings which have become surplus to requirements since his 'little bit of trouble'. They had become, how shall I put this, a wee bit baggy. (He has gone back to wearing 'WHY' fronts.)

    I am in your debt forever.

  10. hope; Now,we won't go that far. Yet.

  11. Oh, I didn't mean with an actual weapon. I was thinking more of the kind of snare they used in cartoons and old movies, where they'll have to hang upside down for a while. You know, until they come to their senses. :)

  12. "I am in your debt forever."

    Aye, him and one or two mystery men in long black coats still residing in the Gorbals fae what I hear.

  13. Chef; I've changed me name since,and me jocks!

  14. You are mixing with the wrong people ya wee bollix.

  15. Chef; eh? The only folk I mix with these days are the few Celtic loyals down the pub and my 'senior' fans at the Sunday afternoon tea-dance.