Thursday, 8 November 2012

A Glorious Hangover

Fields Of Athenry

What a game!

What a night!


  1. So I guess I wasn't dreaming!
    This should go down as one of the greatest weeks ever for the hoops!
    I suppose you and the chef will be painting the town green, send pictures and a signed strip!
    Can you picture Celtic in the final yet?

  2. Still hanging this end pal. A night of pride, passion, determination and Celtic grit. My voice has gone, my emotions drained, my fill of drink for once reached. So many emotions, so much euphoria, so many friends about me. Last night will go down in history as being very special indeed. Never before have I stood amongst a crowd and felt so moved. The stuff of legends, more memories for me to recall in years to come. Pure Celtic pride.

    To top it off I have just played your song and seen the green emblem that I sent you long ago.

    I am a proud man the neet.

    I must return to my bed....the whisky for once has bettered me.

  3. Those are the kinds of hangovers that are remembered fondly for years to come, i sat watching the match with my two young sons explaining that Scotland was the land of their ancestors and that this was their team, the older boy was in awe watching the crowd sing and dance, daddy was still fretting away as the Catalans kept dancing closer and closer but alas that final whistle blew and we all danced and yelled... In Neil we trust indeed... though methinks young Mr. Watt may have sold a few kits with his name on the back last night.

  4. Sausage; No dream pal, no dream!
    I hear you might be joining us if we getto the final! :¬)

  5. Pat; 'Who won?' You're hilarious! :¬)


  6. Chef; Rest well my friend. :¬)

  7. Kono; This daddy did some fretting of his own! That final whistle was such a sweet sound! :¬)

  8. Map never mind who won .. who was playing ? ... lol

    Seriously - I must give credit where credit is due .. a brilliant result / performance from all concerned at Celtic Football Club .. well done

  9. I'm happy that you and the Big Man are happy. :)

  10. Apologies! # 1 son has explained what a momentous win it was. You must have been euphoric.
    Happy for you:)