Sunday, 18 November 2012

From A Jack To A King

I have to admit that the humour on me when I arose was not a positive one. But I always try to 'turn that frown upside down' before I face the world, and I had a busy day ahead of me. Made coffee in my big Hoops mug and headed to my 'music room' and sang more than a few songs. Always gets the endorphins goin'!

After lunch I packed the van and headed off across town with Annette to the center where she works, for to entertain the seniors at their first Sunday afternoon dinner/bingo/dance. (It's usually Wednesdays.)
I may never be up there with the greats but I don't need to be when I get a response such as the one I get from this group when I sing a few songs. They do more for me than I'll ever do for them. Let's just say the humour upon me had changed completely by the time I was packing my gear back into the van.

Home for a quick tea and then a 200 KM round trip to pick up my oldest pal at Cork airport on his return from a trip to England. I was still singing when he got into the van. We spent the drive home chatting and laughing.

Those negative humours don't come on me often, but when they do I always hear the voice of another pal in me heid. His advice, along with his satirical jibing, have been more of a blessing than any I ever received from from a man of the church. (The irony of his current dwelling place is not lost on me!)

I end this day a much happier, brighter man. Thankful for what I have, the people I know, and the love I receive.


  1. you are a fortunate man, bubba! ;~) xoxoxoxox (and i count myself very lucky to know you!)

  2. sav; Likewise missus! :¬)


  3. Before a good man can find any success or humility he must first endure a wee bit of pain. Pals are defined by their ability to make you laugh when they spill their drinks at the bar, tell a funny joke or wear odd shoes to a wedding. Friends are different, for they share our lives and become part of us that does not rub off when fashion or seasons change.

    Success or happiness, there is no a choice to be made. Inner peace, being happy in ones own skin, being able to look back at the face each morning in the mirror.

    One usually follows the other in time.

  4. See that? Cash is most definitely NOT king. You can't purchase that kind of medicine. Three cheers for humanity. And a swig of coffee from a big Hoops mug.

  5. I hate those mornings when everything looks grey and it doesn't surprise me that a sure fire way of restoring sunshine in one's soul is to bring some to someone else.
    Stuff the scoffers I know it is true and so do you:)

  6. On those days, I always think of what my best friend from college (university) who is STILL my best friend would say to me: "Friends know all about you...and love you anyway."

    Here's to always having that type of friendship with you. ;)