Thursday, 27 September 2012

The Weakness (In Me)

Here's the story.

Once upon a time a little boy called Martin Anthony Patrick Stewart heard a young woman by the name of Joan Armatrading sing.

And the boy fell in love.

Many years later the lovely miss Joan Armatrading sang her lovely songs, four feet away from Martin Anthony Patrick Stewart, and he did swoon. Repeatedly.

For she smiled her lovely smile, and he doth quivered.

And she did sing, to him alone. Though there be a crowd.

For she doth love him. (:¬)


  1. now that's a lovely story, sugar! *cheers* xoxoxoxo

  2. sav; And she sang the low notes and my body did quiver!! :¬)


  3. I recently had an excellent night in Southern Ireland where I performed before a large audience. The people there were very appreciative of me and seemed to enjoy the performance. One dude in particular, sitting in the front row, wearing an 'I heart Joannie' T-shirt, sang along with me all evening. I tried to smile politely at him, but the little feck just sang louder and louder.

    Gradually I relented and allowed him to 'duet' with me, all be it from his new sitting position on the edge of the stage. It wasn't until he got really close that I recognised him as the very famous Martin Anthony Patrick Stewart, the guy who played Cap'n Kirk in Star Wars.

    It was a real thrill to meet him and we enjoyed his company afterwards for several hours until secuirty were called and I had him removed from my hotel suite.

    Goodnight Ireland, and goodnight, finally.

  4. Ahh the voice of a wee angel. Your woman wasnae bad either pal.


  6. Can you get me a meeting with Leonard Nimoy? I have questions.

  7. An audience with Yoda, I would like. His grammar to correct. ;)

    Ah, we all have our moments of youth coming face to face with reality and sometimes, it's actually magic. I remember one of those and song was involved...but I was too embarrassed to tell anyone that it meant something to me. I'm glad you don't have that embarrassment thing going for you. ;)

  8. OMGosh, musicman! she is totally incredible! lovelovelove her voice - very "adele" like - or rather, the other way around - just magnificent - thank you for introducing her -

    [oh, and i thought you had eyes only for me - well, and your wife - and all those other women who stalk - i mean who follow you here] ;)

  9. and lovely of her to comment here, too!

  10. The power of a live performance. What beats it? Not much.