Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Fathers (Sorry 'Bout Dat)

Father Ted Crilly
Father Jack Hackett
Father Dougal McGuire
Father Noel Furlong
Father Larry Duff
Father Paul Stone
Father Brian Eno
Father Hank Tree.
Father Hiroshima Twinkie.
Father Stig Bubblecard.
Father Liam Deliverance
Father Johnny Helzapoppin.
Father Luke Duke.
Father Romeo Sensini
Father Billy Furley.
Father Austin Purcell
Father Buzz Cagney
Father Chewy Louie.
Father John Hoop.
Father Benny Cake
Father Harry Cakelinem.
Father Rabulah Conundrum.
Father Pee-wee Stairmaster.
Father Joe Briefly
Father Tri-Peglips.
Father Jemimah Ractoole.
Father Jerry Twig.
Father Jim Johnson
Father Fintan Fay
Father Spodo Komodo.
Father Canabramalamer.
Father Todd Unctious.


  1. Ahhh you have summed it up well my wee pal. I doubt that any wan outside of the know will understand the madness that comes to the eyes of those of the Selik.

    I take it that I'm the wan on the left of course?

    C'mon the hoops, ya wee beauties!

  2. Is anyone else reading that with the voice of Mrs Doyle in their head?


    Er, me neither.

  3. Brian Eno?!?! Another Green World? THAT Brian Eno? Where'd I put my bong? Dang. I'm always misplacing that thing.

  4. Kick-offs in 6 hours no? Will you be attending Selik Park or the pub?

  5. Chef; Aye,on the left. I'll be your right-hand man. :¬)

    Jules; G'wan,G'wan' G'wan,G'wan.... :¬)

    UB; Yeah maaan! :¬)

    Kono; Pub. KO at 19.45. :¬)

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  7. Morning all, hope you all enjoyed last night and are as proud of the team as I am, we had 10 players making their debut in the champions league, they all performed excellently and all we missed was that cutting edge in the final third. we will now look forward to saturday's game with Dundee. NEIL LENNON

  8. Aye, some of us are still hanging.