Friday, 21 September 2012



  1. Interesting commentary to this wan son. It's as if I know the voice, it's very familiar, but I cannae place it. Och, the big yin that I am. A perfect example of a true Glaswegian.

    Seriously though, unless you have experienced the roar, the pure pride, the feelings of history as you stand before the mighty hoops, you have no experienced a truly hair-raising moment at the very core of being a Celt.

    My whole life I have felt truly blessed to have stood man and boy in paradise with the green and the white about me.

    Rab C Nesbitt and the pure R*ngers scum that Jimmy McGoverns character represents, could never hold a candle to the history of Celtic FC, the real history behind the history of history itself. The wan we are no supposed to talk about. Aye, that wan.

    The next time you are in Athenry, stop, climb the wall and read the messages carved into the bark of so many trees. Read the true history of those who made us thankful to be alive.

    We are all Neil Lennon.

  2. Chef; Looks like it's just the faithful on this one pal! :¬)

  3. Don't be so quick on the draw Mr. Map, i've been busy chasing my wee ones around the park and kicking the footie, someday i'll regale you and the Chef with a post about seeing the mighty Selik in a friendly against Boca Jrs. in my hometown of Cleveland, someday.

  4. Map, the short video made the hair on my arms stand up because I have felt the power of the roar in your park. The years and the distance are far away but as a boy I will always remember watching my beloved Terrors and your beloved hoops play there and as a fan of the game who can turn that passion off? Anytime the big yin speaks it's hard not to listen.
    All the best mate.