Monday, 24 September 2012

Gwan Joanie

We're off to Killarney later today to see Joan Armatrading in the INEC.

I've been waiting quite a long time to see this lady perform live.

Front row too! :¬)


  1. Be sure and stop by The Laurels in the Main St and sample a glass for me. As you enter via the red door you will see a small windy above with a cracked pane. That was my heid. By the way, probably the finest mutton stew in the world is served in there of a night.

    Tell em I sent yis.

  2. Shame on me! I didn't know she was still alive and kicking! Safe travels.

  3. Front row!! Good for you. My brother is a big fan of hers. Enjoy!

  4. Lucky you!!

    (And now, an hour before lunch, I'm thinking of mutton stew... Mmmmm!)


  5. Chef; They've repaired the crack. And with the price they're charging for a bowl of stew in this economic climate they could afford to replace the windy every day. I had a fine dinner of roast pork at Dromhall, the fine hotel where we stayed, for less than a tenner. :¬)

    UB; She's alive and well and singing better than ever! The gig was in a 'jazz club' type room, very intimate, small tables with candles etc. We had the table nearest to the stage. I could have reached out and touched her, but my wife made me sit on my hands! I will write a review soon! :¬)

  6. Joey; It was feckin' brill! (See above.) :¬)

    Pearl; Yes. I am very lucky! And hungry! :¬)


  7. Hope all is well and you enjoy the show