Sunday, 2 September 2012


I was chatting with the Ma earlier this evening, the usual Sunday chat.

'It's your Father's anniversary next wednesday, 26 years'
'Ya, like yesterday Ma'
'Say Mam, I never liked that word, Ma'
'OK Ma'
'What age were you?'
'25 Ma'
'Sorry Ma'
'I would have been what?'
'61 Ma'
'I won't fuckin' tell you again!'
'61 Mam'
'Same age as your brother Jimmy is now'
'Ya, he was 35, I thought he was so old then'
'I thought I was old'
'You were a young widow Ma'
'I was, still seems like yesterday'
'It does Ma'
'It does'


  1. *sigh* kiss your Mam for me, bubba! xoxoxoxo

  2. sav; I will missus. I do get a laugh trying to explain all my 'laptop' friends to her! :¬)


  3. We may be invisible, but we still love her zest for life! :)

  4. I was the only one who called my mum 'Ma'. She always smiled!

    Your mam is a lovely thing, Map. Give her a hug from me too! xoxoxo (And get her to give you one back from me, k?)

  5. A typical mother and son chat IME. I'm sure your Mum has been glad of her sons over the years.
    My elder son sometimes calls me Pat which I discourage. I'll always be his Mum even tho' sometimes I feel he is the parent.