Thursday, 16 February 2012

Yesterday's Hike

It'll take a week for the mud to soak out of our clothes, but what fantastic fun for a Daddy and his youngest!
A bit too early in the year for most folks (we met only four others on the trail) but yesterday was perfect.
We're gradually working our way up to getting fit enough to climb Croagh Patrick again at the end of summer.


  1. Sounds like a good time...soon the tourist board of Limerick will be sending you a paycheck

  2. Why is there so much greenery? Doesn't your vegetation strip bare for the winter? Ours does. It's dreary.

  3. Yeah, why IS it so green there? It's supposed to be the dead of winter!

    Well, it is over here... even though this is the warmest and driest winter I have ever known. But all plant life here is dead and brown. The only green are the pines and spruces.

    If I lived near a place that was like that in winter, I'd be there all the time! It looks magical!! xoxoxo

  4. All; It is such a magical place, less than half an hour from where we live! And it doesn't matter what time of year we visit!

    I'm sure you all have places, quite near, that you all take for granted (as we do!) that are SO wonderful!

    Sometimes we just have to look with the eyes of a stranger?

  5. Great photos. It really is worth clicking on them to get the scale. The third one down reminds me of rock climbing days. I would be nervous nowadays of those slippery rocks.

  6. Wonderful photos, love the patterns on the rocks and it really is so green.

  7. Pat; Ya,the rocks are slippery,and I did fall on me arse once or twice! Managed to stay out of the rapids though, thankfully! :¬)


    Tempo; I suppose we're just so used to the green we take it for granted. :¬)