Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Good Day.

Early start.
Too early for singing, but 'twasn't meself had the audition.
I was merely the taxi,
and the 'you'll be grand sure'
and the proud daddy.

Then home, quick coffee.
Are ye ready missus?
Drop the young wan to college,
and then 140 mile round trip
to bring the baby home from hospital.
The baby Bro that is.
He is well now
And we are all happy.

Then a funeral.
Then a malfunction with a friend's car. (Sorted!)
Dinner to make for my girls.
Pan-fried sea-bass, homemade tomato & roast pepper sauce.
Spuds 3ways, butternut squash.

A delicious 4 layers chocolate cake created by Helena for desert.

Movie (with a glimpse of 'Jimmy Bastard'!)



  1. Sounds like a real mixed bag of a day. I'll bet you're knackered. ;-)

    And what's this about Jimmy Bastard being in a movie????? WHAT movie?????

  2. You crammed all that into one day and then had the energy to write about it? Impressive.

  3. wow! what a day you had! and all that happened on this side of the pond is on my blog! ;~) xoxoxoxox

  4. Bloody hell that was 1 day...well done Map. What about this movie then?
    please dish the details.
    ps give up the cake recipe too..

  5. Are you sure that was all in one day? :-)

    Say hello to Jimmy for me.


  6. Well between you and Sav, I'd say you had enough happy for all of us. (Including the one who had a root canal today...but it didn't hurt!)

    Saw Jimmy in "The Invisible Man" did ya? ;)

  7. I was only thinking today it would be nice to hear Map's voice again.
    And any glimpse of Jimmy would be a treat.