Saturday, 25 February 2012

Tims (Let's All Do The Broony!)

I Know!

This will mean nothing to most of ye.



  1. A man stands head and shoulders amongst those who cheer the green, his pride swells to the degree shared of the excitement before that of a newlywed as the light begins to dim. 20 straight and true have gone before.

    He looks to the man Lennon and shares the strength to rise and conquer above those who wish him unwell. We are ALL Neil Lennon. A sea of green, a sea of pure passion and pride, a sea of men young and old, humbled once and turned from doors. His sons have the eye about them, the hands clench and unclench as those proud men turn up the heat on those across the grim Govan divide.

    Soon will come the 25th of March, a day of great achievment for those who wear the green, a day when the good at heart will visit the darkside in their place of unrest.

    On that day, many will rise and take back what is rightfully theirs. A city divided, a city of passion, a city of honourable men will rise together and show no mercy to the hun. Together, encapsulated for the first time in a place where no decent men will usually tread, 60.000 loyal to the green followers will worship at the feet of your man Broony himself.

    ....And on this day we will shed not a single tear for Tubby Sally and his band of bigots. Hail Hail.

    As for me, my head will bow slightly to the memory of the legend that is Tommy Burns, the only piece of the perfect jigsaw that can only be placed in our hearts. This one's for you Tommy.

  2. You're right... it means nothing. What's a broony? And is something to do with the fitball? ;-)

    Happy Sunday to you, Map... and Mr. Anonymous too!! xoxoxo

  3. Came to the same conclusion as Ponita. Does that make you a proud father? :)

  4. ah, yes, tommy burns - the great scottish football player/manager who met an untimely death a few years ago - a man revered by another gentleman who once was among us if i remember correctly...

  5. Gypsywoman

    Aye Tommy Burns was a good man and true .. no one could possibly deny that as a fact ..

  6. I know what it is..all the best to you and yours...another notch in the CFC belt, let's hope you enjoy a rather lengthy European run and bring some respect (and at least the UEFA trophy) back to auld alba. Tell Anonymous I miss his banter...

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