Sunday, 12 February 2012

Beautiful Spring Day

Today was a day for a walk in the forest. A beautiful fresh day, begging us to go outdoors and BREATHE! So off we went to Curraghchase forest park, only about a 20min drive away! (How lucky are we?)

(The pics aren't the best quality, we again forgot the camera so these were taken on Helena's iPod!)

She's off school for a week so if this weather continues we're going to do some hiking in the Clare Glens. (I'll remember the camera!)


  1. Obviously, you don't get winter over there... It's still so green!!

    I could send you some of the cold air we have here, if you'd like. ;-)

    Lovely photos, though, despite being taken with an iPod.

  2. Spring's coming! I can feel it!

  3. Yep, the thaw hits this week... I'll be getting the moth balls out of my bikini then....

  4. It's not about the quality of the photos! No need to apologize for that. It's all about the CONTENT, and for that you score solid marks.

  5. Greenery! Regular footwear! And no one's nose is red from the cold!!

    So THIS is how the other half lives...


  6. what a wonderful way to spend the day - or even a small part of the day - beautiful surroundings with hints of spring!

  7. No matter what the camera, the SMILES are apparent. :)