Thursday, 31 March 2011


And what you might have been my son
And what you might have seen
And love indeed you would receive
And loved you would have been
And if your lovely face could see
And if our eyes had seen....


  1. Ahhh now you're talking. Guts of concrete, feelings rougher than a slate roofers nail bag. Understanding the meaning behind the lyrics evokes emotions through music and should always be natural, never contrived with props and crocodile tears. You have to respect a man who plays to his audience rather than play his audience. Plastic shamrocks and syrupy softness is best left for the tourists, would you not agree?

  2. But who is the singer meant to be? An elder brother? I like to know these things. It would seem to be the words of a mother.
    Please don't eat my comment this time:)

  3. As Pat says, it does sound to be the words of a mother. But it's a lovely song and his voice is wonderful! I so like that you introduce us to the voices and music of Ireland. xoxoxo

  4. There's an honesty to this that I very much like. You get the impression that this is what he sings to himself, to the people he loves... There's a feeling of inclusion, very warm and intimate. Feels like love, doesn't it?

    Good one, Map.


  5. Damn... I posted a comment earlier and it's not here. :-\

    Well, what I said was... It does seem that the words are a mother's. But it's a lovely song and he's got a wonderful voice. I love that you are introducing us to the music of Ireland. xoxoxo

  6. And now I hit refresh and they are both there!!!

    Blogger is schizophrenic, I swear...

  7. It sounds truly nostalgic with lots of love!

  8. such poignantly sung words that pay beautiful homage to all our fathers who had to be away from us, their children - mine own father being one among many -

  9. Quality tune mate - straight fae the heart.

  10. Belfast Taxi is dead?

    Check his blog. I'm afraid its true :-(