Saturday, 12 March 2011

Sets & Drums & Rotten Rolls!

So, 'twas a great gig!
The guitarist suffered through, like a trouper.
We had to medicate him every 30 mins, in between sets, much to the amusement of the crowd.
But he played to the last note!
And we got him back to the ward before Matron noticed.
Looks like he gonna be there for the rest of the week though, at least!

Meself and the drummer stopped at a truck-stop for food on the way home.
Hot dogs? Me arse!
Let's just say, bad tummies the next day!

Meanwhile, I had a gig tonight with the duo (me & the unwell one!) so KateNap filled in for him.
Her first full gig with the Da!
And they loved her, sure why wouldn't they!
(And she was payed, cash, in the hand!)

It's been a stressful weekend, musically.
But an adventure.
It's what keeps a baldy ouldfella on his toes!

I'm off tomorrow night.

Off to the pub!



  1. Glad your guitarist survived, but don't be taking him out again! He obviously needs some time to recuperate!!! So very happy that Katenap filled his big shoes and did such a bang-up job!!! Take 'er easy now, "ouldfella". ;-P

  2. How many times I gottae remind ye? Never admit to accepting cash jobs, always mark it up as a charity event, therefore 'no-payment, no tax.'

  3. Wise words there from Mr Jimmy!
    Chuffed for you and your daughter.

  4. Not much chance of getting bored in your job. Glad it all went well - apart from the dodgy tum.
    Great piano!

  5. Mapster,

    What does your playlist consist of?

    Just curious.

  6. I was waiting for the phone call to tell me a helicopter was on its way to pick my up for the gig, but I guess breaking your guitarist out of hostpital was a simpler solution :)

  7. what's that saying - all's well that ends well! ;) and but for the tummy issue, seems all did end quite well - bravo! brava!

    see ya at the pub, musicman - i'll be in the end booth!


  8. Pon; He's not exactly on death's door. Not yet anyway! And KateNap had a ball, learning the trade from Da, as it were! :¬)


    Jimmy; I really should pay more attention to advice from a man who knows the score! Ta pal! :¬)

  9. Scarls; Ta, we had a ball together. Though it is a bit of an eye opener when one realises that ones baby is now an adult, and one is now an 'oldie'! :¬)


    Pat; The tum wasn't really all that bad, when you've been on the road for as long as I have one tends to build up quite a hard, shall we say, resistance to bad food! :¬)


  10. Ah, the fast living life of the Musician.

    I still think you should've taken Kim up on his least HE listened to the pleading masses and actually gave us a lesson on his new toy. A COMPARISON between the two even.

    Personally, I do wonder if maybe it just wasn't an audition for you and the band. ;)

  11. We also have a musician in our family - my husband's brother. I know how challenging it is to live the life of a musician.

  12. Take it easy in the boozer and huv a pint for me.