Saturday, 19 March 2011


Yep! 300.
And what's I got?
Fuck all!

Come back tomorrow.



  1. Ahhh the demon drink... it plays havoc with a man's brain-to-pen coordination.

    Is it not yourself that should be putting on a clean shirt, and getting ready to pull up a barstool at Flanagans with a pint of something black in your hand? Sure, have you forgotten what is happening today with the Hooped lads and the first of the silverware?

    Paul the plumber will already be on the way across, ahhh guan, there's time yet to catch us up. 300 indeed!

  2. Crikey! Congratulations! I think I'm lagging behind and I started before you!

  3. Congratulations - You look a lot younger in your photo ;) xx

  4. Yay! 300! A milestone, to be certain. :-) Congrats, hon. I'd be there too, or more than, if I added my old blog to the new one... but I'm not, so I've 24 more to reach this particular mark. xoxoxo

  5. My mind wandered off the wrong way, thanks to Gerard Butler! :)

    I'd just finished offering up the last of the dearly departed auntie's DVD collection and "300" was on top of the list. Since my family can't remember movie plots, I evilly listed it as "Gerard Butler's Abs and 299 more guys try to win a losing battle."

    300 is a GOOD number...just think of how much more you have to offer. :) x

  6. xoxoxoxo 300, you say? bless your heart, sugar! xoxoxo ;~D

  7. Jimmy; Nae, 'twas not the drink but the tiredness of an auldfella! As for Paul the Plumber, he was a miserable heap in the pub the neet after todays performance, and 'twas only meselfs jocularity what kept him goin' (to the bar) all night!

    And it was the special gift from a pal that put a big smile on a lads face! :¬)

  8. Off Topic...

    Can anybody tell me about Finnegan's? They're trying to push this stuff on us here on this side of the pond with discounts and specials.

    I'll try it if it's worth the effort.

    Also, how about Micheal Collins? How does it stack up against Jameson or Bushmills?

  9. the demon's drink! perhaps that's what's been the matter with me of late and the brain to pen lack of focus - but wait - i've not had a single drink - not one! yes, that definitely could be the problem - i'll have a nice big drink now, i think! see you at the pub, map!


  10. Like Hope, I saw 300 and thought of the movie. However, I now realise the significance - congratulations!!! :)