Wednesday, 16 March 2011

17th March.

Ladies & Men, the day is upon us.
The day that St. Patrick decreed (on his deathbed!) that every man, woman, child (and larger breeds of dog) should go forth, to their nearest pub, and drink their weight in a black liquid, henceforth to be known as Guinness (Gaelic for 'Blood of St. Patrick!)

I may be back tomorrow.
I may not.
You know the drill, don't let HIM down!


Replicas of St. Patrick's shoes.
(Laced for work, slip-on for leisure.)
A church he built on a mad weekend in NYC!
A mountain he made. (Out of a molehill!)

Artist's impression of Mrs. St. Patrick.

Recently found fossilised remains of 'Yer Man'!

Lovely shot of Mick & Mary, (Patrick's Da and Stepmother.)
Himself watchin' a snake orgy, alas no more in Ireland!
Typical gay St. Patrick's Day party.
Last known urine sample of St. Patrick.


  1. It's the day to avoid 5th Avenue if you can at all help it. It's amateur hour in the drunk tank! A big Happy St. Paddy's to you, sir.

  2. St. Paul, MN will be crazed with revelry, and we'll be thinkin' of ya!


  3. UB; Haven't been to 5th Ave. since the mid 80's, next time I'm there you'll be strolling by my side! Have a great day! :¬)

    Pearl; Sure wasn't St. Paul the drinkin' buddy of Pa! I hear you like the odd beer yerself? Have a good one! :¬)


  4. Happy St. Paddy's Day to you, Map! No green beer (or black, for that matter) for this girl. You can have my share! We do, however, have a snake orgy just north of here every spring... ;-) xoxoxo

  5. Pon; A MUST on my first visit to Canadia! :¬)


  6. Be prepared for a trip probably next month, then!!! It is often April when they start coming out. xoxoxo

    By the way, we have Guinness here too... ;-)

  7. I've been to St Patrick's NY, seen the mountain and am going out to lunch. Does that count?

  8. Have a brilliant day, Mr Maps!!

  9. Funny stuff, Map. I was under the impression, though, that St. Patrick drove the gorillas out of Norway.

    Have a few dozen for me, will ya? I'm woefully behind.

  10. I got here late but I laughed anyway! Plus I wore my green AND my emerald earrings. :)

    Mom sent lots of funny cartoons of which I might send to you...or hold on to til next year. :)

  11. And what a lovely day it was---I think