Friday, 5 June 2009

West Coast Cool

Everyone was busy today 'cept meself and the Youngest.
So we headed off early for the first swim of the year in the Atlantic.
We got to our favourite beach about 11a.m.
We had the place to ourselves, and after dipping the toes in the water we quickly knew why!
The Atlantic hasn't turned up the thermostat at this side yet.

So we went cliff climbing, she's very adventurous and daring for a slight 10 yr old!
Then we ate our pre-packed lunch on the edge of said cliffs.
Her mother would not have approved!

And then we went searching for fossils and megalithic tombs.
(Actually, we just followed the signs to the megalithic tombs, but exciting none the less!)

She bought some crystals and stones and Dinosaur bones in 'The Rock Shop' near the Cliffs Of Moher, and can't wait to show off to Teacher and fellow pupils on Monday!

Father and Daughter had a very fun day.


  1. Map and Youngest's Excellent Adventure! Looks like it was a grand day. She's a cutie, that one! Looks like she is a chip off the old block. :-)

    I had to look twice at the pic with the boat - thought that was smoke on the ground but on closer look, saw it was nets. (I think...)

    Love all the stone... xoxo

  2. gorgeous, sugar! absolutely gorgeous child, pictures and of course, YOU! peace xoxoo

  3. Hey Cool Dad,
    I can promise you one thing,..your daughter will remember this day for the rest of her life.
    I used to have a cool Dad like you. And I was Daddy's Little Girl.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Brother Map,

    Great pics! What could be better than spending the day on the beach with dad? Moments like that will echo in her memory.

    Thanks for sharing this moment bro.


  5. Pon; we had so much fun! And yes, she's a cutie. She has the same sense of humour as me, always gets my stupid jokes!
    And yes, they were nets, we had to look twice ourselves as we approached the house.

    Sav; thank y'all darlin'. Hope y'all havin' a good time. xoxox

    Auntie; We try to spend as much time as possible with the girls, especially the Youngest. The teenagers are so busy most of the time with friends etc., as should be. It won't be long before my baby is all growed-up!
    (And thanks for thinkin' Im cool.)xxx

    U; hey Bro, how are you?
    I had such a fantastic day with her. I'm at the age where time just goes by so fast, and I want my girls to have lots of good memories.
    The eldest is off to college next year, and the next daughter the following year. Before we know it we will be on our own again. We have many plans for that day but sometimes I wish they were all babies again, ya know?
    Happy weekend Brother.

  6. Sounds like a very nice day. Ten is such a nice age, so smart and curious and yet they still believe their parents. :-)

    Looks like you two have a lovely relationship.


  7. Wonderful photos Map - I especially like the one of the old stone house. Dad's baby girl looks a little cracker really & it's magic that you take time to spend with her - something (as we're all saying) she will definitely remember. Ahhh, dad's & their daughters - the majority of us wimmin have that special bond :-)

  8. love the piccies, Mr Map - you've a good eye.
    your daughter looks like a happy little sprite. you did good.

  9. Just agree with everything that everyone has said. The two of you look very happy in such a lovely place. Love the old cottage - could be a renovation project for someone!

  10. How many ways can we say how cute and lucky that little girl is? :) [Just make sure you tell her we said so].

    Dad and I had the same sense of humor...which Mom didn't understand at all. As one who lives on the opposite side of the Atlantic, as a kid I asked Dad what happened when the line of water met the sky. Having been in the Navy as a young man, he'd seen places I've only heard about....Casablanca the one I remember most. Instead of giving me some scientific explanation about horizons and geography, he simply smiled at me and said, "There are wonderful things on the other side. Wonderful places and people to meet."

    See, Dad was right. There you are...playing on a beach with your daughter. Can't get much more wonderful than that...little girls do remember. :)

  11. Holy Faither, my heart strings tug just looking at the scenery fae your side of the water.
    Nice looking bairn my friend, and much loved if the shine in your eye is to be judged.

  12. Pearl; 'twas a great day. She' full of questions about everything!

    Jayne; ta J. Pics were taken with a camera we 'borrowed' from the Eldest. I will get the hang of it soon!

    the projectivist; she sure is a happy one. Keeps her dad & mom smiling too!

    Madame DF; that cottage has been idle for as long as I can remember. It's at the end of a little peninsula with wonderful beaches on both sides.

    Hope; your Dad sounds like he had a great sense of adventure. Casablanca does sound exotic doesn't it? One day...
    Thanks for your lovely comments.

    Jimmy; hey lad it's great to 'hear' your accent again.
    A shine AND a twinkle 'tis in me eye!
    Enjoy your hideaway with Herself

  13. Ah, what I wouldn't give to be there.
    Strange when you think about never putting you foot back on that land again.

  14. Mo Ma; you must have a good reason. Peace.

  15. What a lovely day! Your daughter is a beauty. Just tell her that on that day I and her American Cousins were on the other side of the Atlantic dipping their toes in the water too! It was far too cold for my girls also. So we went and bought fried clams instead and headed out for some baseball. A great day was had by all!

  16. Bev; we must arrange to 'wave' at each other across the pond some day. xxx