Tuesday, 30 June 2009

A couple of things.

1. So I 'slept' last night, but had a very strange dream.
Which involved telling a very old nun that it was illegal to smoke in Tesco.
What the fuck was that all about?

2. Everyone else busy today 'cept the Youngest and meself.
So I asked her what she wanted to do.


So I indulged Her.

For five hours.

(And enjoyed every minute of it!)

And She came home with many purchases.

And my wallet was lighter.

But so was my heart.

Happy Day.


  1. 1. i can't even begin to guess what that means.

    2. sweeeeeeeet! just what you both needed, sugar!

    3. xoxoxox ;~D

  2. Jaysus & Joanie, is it anymore of the good stuff that can come out of a fine fella like yourself?

  3. Sav; xoxox!

    Jimmy; You're up late lad.
    At the Sol again?
    I finished off the German Pils, on the Miller now!

  4. I'm no up late pal, I'm up early for a trip down to Coventry to size up a wee job.

    I have nae doubts that the Sol will surface again the neet.

    Enjoy the Miller, and crack one open for me.

  5. i like your dream.
    i think that had i been allowed to shop & smoke at Tesco, the whole experience might have been far more enjoyable.
    a fire hazzard, sure
    but more enjoyable, and that's the main thing.

  6. Nuns and their filthy habits, eh?

  7. miller? the american beer? xoxox

  8. Jimmy; yer a tough man.
    (hurryup, yer Miller's gettin' warm).

    the projectivist; sadly, I'm of an age where I remember when people DID smoke in shops!

    Scarlet; I know more than a couple of 'em!
    (Nuns AND their filthy habits!)

    Sav; the same. A popular choice this side of the pond. xoxox

  9. Map - is that you and the youngest off on your adventures again? Tsk, you're spoiling her. Glad your heart is lighter.

  10. I read this earlier today and didn't have time to comment. As a result, I've had the image of a chain smoking Nun following me all day. :)

    I do not have the girl gene for shopping. I got my Dad's gene for that...you know what you want, you walk in, grab it, pay for it and leave. I'm glad your daughter has the best of both worlds: shopping WITH her Dad.

  11. Madame DF; spoiling? nah, it makes me happy.
    We plan to climb a mountain before the end of summer.

    hope; I am a lucky man to be in a position to spend time with my kids.

  12. Every dream is strange. Did you ever hear anyone ever say "you know, I had a really ordinary dream last night..."?

  13. Kim; I have ordinary dreams all the time. It is their very 'ordinariness' which makes them uninteresting, and I suppose thats why the strange ones stick out.

    But true, you never hear anyone say they had an ordinary dream.

  14. Succinct and lovely. Sounds like a nice dad/daughter afternoon.

    As someone who remembers perhaps a handful of dreams a year, I have limited experience in the translation area, but I'm wondering if you've been harboring a secret desire to tell a figure of authority that they are not following the rules.

    That or you have just quit smoking.


  15. Pearl; you may be closer than you think.
    I gave up smoking five years ago, same time as my big Sis.

    As for harbouring (note european spelling) secret desires about figures (of a religious bent) well you may be even closer!