Tuesday, 2 June 2009


I've been raidin' the Eldest Teenager's CD collection, looking for some 'new music'.

I found this , it's on the soundtrack for the movie 'AMELIE' by Jean-Pierre Jeunet, and starring Audrey Tautou. Haven't seen it, but it was huge all over Europe according to The Eldest, who also thinks it's the best movie ever! She's a bit of a Francophile!


  1. check out "paris, je t'aime" (2006) very au courant xoxox

  2. Map - you're in danger of becoming very cultured here! And this is the same eldest who sang at the concert hall. She's got good taste.

  3. Sav; just watched the trailer for 'paris..', looks like summat I'd enjoy! Ta .xoxox

    MadameDF; who dear?, me dear? cultured dear? no dear! But yes Eldest has good taste.
    We try to get the kids to be open to different things and ideas. (This has also resulted in BOTH teenagers rejecting religion! They get that from me. The youngest is Mom's last hope in that department.)

  4. So much to love about that fillum. The music was superb also. Tiersen also did the music for "Good bye Lenin" (another fave) and one piece is in both films. I recently saw GBL again and it drove me nuts trying to remember where I'd heard that piece before.

  5. Devin; I need to watch more fillums!

  6. It is a fun film, no doubt. Worth getting out one evening

  7. It's a brilliant film and very clever, beautifully shot and with a deep heartfelt message. I watch it over and over.

  8. A film indeed to be accompanied by a fine wine rather than a cold beer.

    We'll watch the fillum, and then nip oot for a wee swally.

  9. Kim; I will, soon.

    Scarlet; oh dear, a fillum with a message? I dunno now....

    Mo Ma; ;-) indeed.

    Jimmy; hey pal! I would like nothing better. Though we can skip the fillum and go straight for the swally if ya like!

    Slainte chara.