Tuesday, 9 June 2009


48 years ago on this day, my Mam gave birth to a boy.
Brother to a 10 year old boy.
Brother to a 14 year old boy.
Brother to a 16 year old girl.
Son to a Dad who had spent many years away.
Away to provide for his family.
To send money home to a land where money was hard to earn.
He came home 9 months previously.
I was much loved.
Still am.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SUGAR!!!!! xoxoxox

  2. Happy Birthday to a delightful soul. :-)


  3. Happy Birthday darlin'!! Hope you have a great day & are deservedly spoilt :-)

  4. Happy Birthday!!! You look barely a day over 47 and 364/365ths

  5. oh! haha!
    Happy Birthday!
    hope you're spoiled rotten.

  6. Happy Birthday!!!!
    Are you getting another tattoo?

  7. Happy Birthday my friend. I was gonnae send you something you havnae already got.

    ... but how do you attach a stamp to a comb?

    Would ye settle for a pint instead big man?

  8. Sav; ta y'all. xoxox

    Pearl; thanks. You're so kind.

    Jayne; I'm havin' a good one, thanks.

    Kim; you say the nicest things!

    the projectivist; I am! Thanks.

    Scarlet; another tattoo? I wish. Ta luv!

    Jimmy; a pint with ye, now there's a birthday pressie! Ta pal.

  9. Better late than never I guess. {Hey, I'm suppose to be working!]

    Here's wishing a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of the best people I've "stumbled upon" this year. Hope your family treats you like royalty today.

    {They will sing to you, right?} ;)

  10. Hope; thank you kindly.
    I have indeed been treated like a king today. I have had the songs. I am now off to have a drink(s) with Herself and friends at the local.
    I may be some time! xxx

  11. Have a great birthday and hope you have many more to come. Look forward to your sore head tomorrow morning...

  12. Wishing a lovely Birthday evening out with Herself and your friends, Map. Big, warm hugs to a special guy! Glad your day has been grand.

    Your mum must be quite talented to give birth to such a tattooed baby! Did she drink ink while pregnant or something? ;-)

  13. I came to wish you happy birthday because Savannah told me to and I always do what she says, so: happy birthday. 48 isn't a bad age when you can sit on cliff tops and eat sandwiches with your youngest; many happy returns!

  14. Happy Birthday and as I tell my sons - 48 is the year to start taking care of your health. But I expect you already do:)

  15. Madame.DF; just home frum de pud! Pleees xkuse spellen misteaks! Achurrly, met an ol fren, he wus sound!

    POn; Tattoo me arse! She hates 'em!

    Eyrl; We must do what Savvy say! Ta veh much kind person. xxxx

    p; I do/am! love ya!

  16. To all my blog friends, a big thank you, and 'tho I havent met any of you yet, I look forward to the day! I love you all. xxx

  17. You have a tattoo on your arse? ;-)

  18. Crank up the volume, then go here:

    Happy b'day :-)

  19. Happy Birthday, Mapstew! Many more wonderful years to come!

    Savannah sent me; though I've seen you at Ponita's. Both classy ladies who keep great company! Have a great week!

  20. Happy Birthday sham! Sorry I'm late. Traffic down d'islant was cat.

    Big love Mapstew. Pint when I'm over?

  21. Pon; that'd be tellin!

    debra; welcome, and many thanks.

    eroswings; I keep only the best company. Welcome, and thanks.

    Devin; was 'down d'islant' today, Mam still lives there.
    A pint of Guinness while yer at the bar sham!
    Gimme a shot next time ya over. Thanks.

  22. Devin; 'shout' not 'shot'!
    (though ya can get a shot with de pint if ya like!)

  23. I will so.
    Second week in August if they haven't put the country in receivership by then.

  24. Happy belated birthday map - sorry I'm late with this xxx

  25. Devin; see you then.

    Anna; thanks, it's your round tho'!