Monday, 30 July 2012

Gone Fishing.

Mr. & Mrs. Map and the youngest Maplet are away for the next few days to the (hopefully) sunny south-east.

I'm expecting you lot to mind the shop, and as the older maplets are home alone maybe some of you (Séamus) could keep an eye out for visiting boyfriends!

(We'll be staying here if you need to contact me!)


  1. What is that place? Looks like a jellyfish trying to act like a hotel...

    Hope you have fun and that the sun shines upon you daily! :-)

    Hopefully Séamus will keep an eye on the girls left at home... I'm working lots this week so won't be of much use in that department.

  2. Let us know if you find anywhere sunny in Western Europe Maps!

  3. I already invited like 53 people over. And they're bringing naggins and planning on fighting and shmoking and the like. Can't really call it off...



  4. Kate = LOL!

    Bon voyage. Safe travels to you. Rest your voice.

  5. Hello wee man, the weans are over at mah hoose already, they have brought your stash of auld whiskey and several photie albums to swatch at. Siobhan has just put their dinners oot, and already uncle J has told them tales of how you were once offered employment by the Glesga circus as a musical tattoed midget back in the day.

    Have nah fear, there will be nae teenage boys offering patter to the weans on mah watch. Oh, and see me? I've borrowed/stolen your new lawn mower while you's are away. A Qualcast ride on... who would have thought it possible with them wee legs eh big man?

    Have fun, and try no to spend all of that £25 I gave you,(late repayments = loss of fingers and then larger limbs, friends and family discount applies, we only dig holes for people we dinnae like)

    Cheery bye the noo...

  6. I'm laughing too hard to do more than say, "Have fun!"

  7. SE of Ireland or Britain?
    You and your baby-sitter should make up your minds if he has an accent or no. Grammatically rather than linguistically I mean - and I can't do them in any case.
    Have a great time.

  8. Sounds like Seamus is doing a fine job. Just enjoy the holiday ---oh, and let us know if you find the sun--ha ha ha

  9. i'm still in LA, bubba! ;~D xoxoxox