Thursday, 30 June 2011

Unexpected Thursday Night Out.

My good pal Paul (the Plumber) has not been well the past few weeks, and what with that and the fact that our local shut up shop well we haven't been out!
So, text this evening from him, 'Pint?'! Red rag tae a bull!
Different pub, 'twas grand, not the same though, don't think it'll ever be my local, but nice crowd, good barman (only the one, and we had to keep telling him what we wanted!) so we live in hope of someone taking over our old place!
I did meet some people there though that I haven't seen in a while, some I could do without seeing again for quite another while!
Anyhoo, Paul (the Plumber) and meself had a good night out and he has promised to take me to 'Paradise' soon! (Hey Jimmy!)
Watch out Glasgow!


  1. so glad you and paul the plumber got out and about a bit notwithstanding the unavailability of your "cheers" place - i'm tucking coins away in my little jar so i can be at least one of the new proprietors when "cheers" reopens, as i know it will -

    and that it had to shut! what a shame! where else could you go where everyone knows your name! ;)


    oh, and then, the thought of glasgow and jimmy and map and paul the plumber - all at the same time!


  2. Paradise and Glasgow? Somehow they don't really meld. Or am I missing something?

  3. Paradise - the official nickname used the world over for the home of Celtic fc

  4. Not quite a nickname as such, more a deep rooted history that would take me too long to explain. For simplicity, listen to 'The Celtic Symphony by the Wolfetones.

    ...and Map, when a man in a pub offers to take you to paradise, it may well be time to change out of that spangly shirt.

    Say no more eh?

  5. I've finally won the new computer war! Which is the polite version of why I haven't posted or visited as I should.

    A big hug in memory of sister Helen. I know the feeling as my Dad was born on the 4th of July...the holiday seems less sparkly without him.

    @Jimmy, round of applause at the fashion statement. ;)

  6. Enjoy yer time in Glesga mate, am still pissing masel laughing at Jimmys comment.

  7. I hope that you will have fun in "Paradise". I can imagine that fun is guaranteed.

  8. I shall remain Spangly to the end!

    So, who's up for a pint? :¬)

  9. May you and your pals eventually find another local... Perhaps you should just take it up yourself to be the barkeep and entertainment all in one??!!?? ;-) xoxoxo

  10. And maybe Jimmy will pitch in, so Map can go earn us some P.R. money. ;)

  11. Map
    Have yourself a beer for me when you are in Glasgow, never thought I would say it .. but I miss the place.


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