Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Mrs. Mac

Mrs. Mac and meself go back a long way.

I first met and instantly loved this woman sometime in 1975.
I was a young spotty teen, a friend of her equally spotty teen son Noelie, who had brought me home for tea one day. For some reason I suddenly became friends with a whole family. Mother, father, two sisters and his four brothers became lifelong friends of mine!

Over the years I lost touch with Noelie, my friend, but always kept in contact one way or another with most of his family. His youngest brother Donough, who suffered from Cystic Fybrosis, was one of my favourites. Many the hour I spent banging my fists on his back to release phlegm from his lungs, and we would often laugh about it when he was old enough to have a drink with us in the pub. He died before he was thirty, but not before falling in love and getting married. (Strangely, but nicely, I bumped into, and had coffee with his widow today!)

I went to visit Mrs. Mac two weeks ago to invite herself and her husband to my birthday party. It was early evening but she was in bed. She insisted I come upstairs to spend some time with her, and indeed we spent a good while yappin'! (Even though she has been suffering from chronic lung disease for a while now, and breathing can be quite taxing for her at times.)

I got a message from her daughter yesterday to say that she was in hospital and things weren't looking good. So I went to see her tonight. She is in and out of consciousness, but knew me immediately I walked in the room. We had a laugh again together, and she said she was "so sorrry love for misssing your big day"!

Two days ago her family were told that she is in the late stages of a very aggressive cancer. Though they have told her that she has yet another bout of pneumonia.

Her son, my friend who first introduced me to his family many years ago, has not spoken to his family for many years, for reasons I neither know nor care about. Tonight Mrs. Mac took my hand and whispered to me that yes, he has been to visit every day since she's been in hospital. She squeezed my hand tightly and gave me a sad wink as she told me this.


  1. Oh honey... I am so sorry you are about to lose another dear to your heart. Sending you a very big warm hug from across the ocean. xoxoxoxo

  2. xoxoxoxo for you, bubba! i am glad you had a chance to spend some time with a dear friend. peace, brother. you know we're all here for you. xoxoxo

  3. my dear map - what good the words i might write here as none i know might console you - unless it would be in the knowing that you are not alone in this time - mrs mac seems a lovely and loving lady whose spirit i know has brightened many lives and will continue to do so -
    hugs and love - jenean

  4. Nice article, thanks for the information.

  5. What a sadly lovely post, Map. To be friends, to have relationships -- always a dangerous and precious thing.


  6. Map..

    I see many parallels in your very moving post..

    I too have wonderful relationships with the mothers of two of my childhood friends which has stood the test of time - during which they have always been there for me all through my adolescence and well into my adulthood.

    I always phone them on mothers day and thank them for their unconditional love expressed to me be it in the form of a Christmas /Birthday cards.

    I have no doubt when God finally calls upon Mrs Mac you will be feeling very much bereaved - it is at that time you will more than ever have to KEEP FAITH in GOD.

    Stay Strong Bro

    Yours Aye

  7. That is very sad but I'm so glad Mrs Mac and her son are reconciled.

  8. This is one of those times that a big ol' hug says more than all the words I could offer. x

  9. Glad you've managed to spend some time with her, and that her son has visited too. These things are what are important in life

  10. Glad to hear her son's been visiting, however it was he found out.

  11. Nice post.
    Good to hear about the lad and his is way to short and precious.
    Cheers, Sausage.