Friday, 3 June 2011

Come On Over To My Place.

A certain baldy man is celebrating a certain significant milestone next weekend.
A party is being thrown to honour this milestone.
A lot of celebs are attending.
A certain BOY by the name of GEORGE, Sir FREDDIE of MERCURY, perhaps PHIL of the LYNOTT clan, a Little Red Riding Hood, Cleopatra, Darth Vader, Spiderman, Superman, the Man from Atlantis, a Man about a Dog, and just a man. Superwoman, Catwoman, Crazycatwomanfromthesimpsons, A woman in love (Barbara Streisand!) Snow White, Cilla Black, Lara Croft, Two of the Three Little Pigs, and a handfull of the 7 Dwarves! (Grumpy ain't invited!) A Miss Monroe, two Charlie Chaplins, one R2D2 and a Dr. Who! There may even be a certain Bastard!
OK, it's a Fancy Dress, or, as you peeps from yonder say, a Costume party!
If any of y'all are in the vinicity, drop me an email and I will give directions to the hoolie! You are ALL most welcome.
Stools are reserved at the Whiskey bar for anyone who has been to Paradise.
If you cannot make it please forward your credit card details to my bar!


  1. Oh! Oh! I so wish I could come!!! Will buy a lottery ticket. Perhaps I can!!!

    Just have to think of who to dress up as...

  2. Happy Big Day Maps!
    I'll be raising a glass of something or other to you next weekend - too bad it'll have to be this side of the water!

  3. PS - There better be LOTS of photos!!!!! xoxoxoxo

  4. i do love a party, bubba! ;~D xoxoxoxo

  5. What Ponita said about photos!

    Hmmm, I'd have to come as Sneezy I suppose. ;)

    Can't wait to hear all about THIS one.

  6. Well now, will there be stew? Perhaps even a big plate of mutton chops and fresh potatoes. God I hope there is plenty of potatoes. Now then, you say you are offering free whiskey to anyone who has been to paradise. I take it you are speaking of the paradise, home to those grand heroes that are Celtic football club over in that mad city of Glasgow and not a dear departed soul who has passed over and then changed their mind somewhere in Dublin.
    I'd like to attend and I'd like to come dressed as your man Billy Ocean, apart from the fact that he is black and I am as white as Victor Taflow's hairy arse. If it's a tad on the dark side beneath the lights I might just get away with it so. Would you be so kind as to send the invite to me address before my work on Wednesday, only the dog has a fearful habit of eating every feking letter that pops thru the door. My address is Block D, Ashtown Gate, Navan Road, Dublin 15. Are you sure there is going to be stew so?

  7. One more thing. The wife says that she'll not make the party but could she have a bit of stew for her supper on the night? If its not mutton though she says she'll pass.

  8. Jaysus Crisps, please... not the Lara Croft oufit again. How many times I gotta tell you? Yes, it does make your arse look fat.

    Why don't you stick to the puppet costume you wore to Tommy Riordans wake, the one where you had string tied to your arms and legs? It's the best I've ever seen you dance.

    Speaking of dancing.

    I saw two young ladies at the bar last night, so I approached one and said, "Can I borrow your lighter pal?"

    She said, "I don't smoke."

    "Neither do I," I replied, "I just want to dance with your thinner friend, hen."

  9. Map...I'm Sure you guys will have a blast.. have a beer for me please.

    Keep the faith Bro

  10. I bet you have a fantastic time! I am not that far away... and I love playing dress up...

  11. I look forward to the photos :)

    Hope you have a superb time

  12. Are Yanks invited? Or is this a Euro-centric event only? Boy...what I wouldn't give to be there.

  13. Due to certain circumstances, I will have to decline your invitation, much as it pains me. However, I would like to let you know that I'm not ready to appear in public dressed as Lady Gaga.

  14. oh, a celebration for you! wonderful! and you were so kind as to travel all the way 'cross the waters deep to my own celebration last year - i wouldn't dream of missing yours -

    now, about the costume thing, sir - i much prefer to come as i am, if you've no objection -

    cheers, sweetness! ;)


    ps - and about the strings thing jimmy mentioned - i'm guessing it was hisself that was pullin' them, right?