Monday, 31 January 2011

Summer 1969, I'm 8 Years Old.

It's a Sunday night.
(Actually, it was every Sunday night.)
Ma & Da would come home from the pub and sing to each other.
This one jumped into my head tonight!


  1. Aw. I was eight, too. Love this show - saw it in New York years ago, and it was marvelous.

  2. I was 11... I know I've seen this but don't recall this song.

  3. You have very eclectic tastes in music. I guess you can thank your Ma and Da for that.

  4. Didn't she have an adorable nose.
    I don't think couples sing to each other nowadays. Such a pity. I'm off to the kitchen to give MTL a chorus of 'Ill see you again.'

  5. How sweet! My Dad was in a number of bands around this same time (I would be 7) but I've never heard my Mom sing...


  6. Me too, my Pa was a drummer for the Couriers in Dundee. I grew up in pubs listening to all kinds of stuff. I think it helped open my noggin to anything. Also the smell of cigs and stale pints helped too.

  7. Those kinds of songs give me a warm, fuzzy feeling...mostly because there were actual lyrics and beautiful music.

    Then again, my Dad sang a lot when he played the piano at home...but wouldn't join the church choir because he didn't think he was "good" enough.

    Not else would I have learned to duet with him on "Won't You Come Home Bill Bailey" ;)