Thursday, 20 January 2011

'Falling Slowly' Progressing At Quite A Pace Actually!

Yesterday was the first rehearsal day for Kate & Da's new act.
We spent most of our time 'jamming', getting to know each others voices, finding songs that would suit us, finding the 'balance'. Having fun!

It was only day one, and no doubt things will change over the coming weeks, as we tweek things, throw out stuff we originally thought was good, realise that songs we thought might not work do actually work if you change a little bit here, drop a key there, completely transform a time signature!

We had fun throwing a completely obscure song (Acceptable In The 80's!) into the rehearsal, which made us both 'jam' and dance about the place!

We took 'Something Stupid' by Frank & Nanci, and swopped roles, Kate taking the lead with me doing the harmony!

My fave so far was our version of 'Falling Slowly' the Oscar winning song by Glen & Marketa. Kate playing piano, and me taking up the guitar again after a long, long time. (My fingers are cut to ribbons!)

But what fun!

It is so great to work with with someone who understands where I am coming from musically, and not be frustrated, like I often am when working with 'others' who do not 'get' me!

And what fun!

We are making good progress, and quickly. We might even YouTube! :¬)


  1. Oh yes! Do youtube, please!!!! The lovely Kate and her handsome Da. I'm so happy that you two are finding your voice together. What a fabulous experience for the two of you. xoxoxo

  2. PS - That is a beautiful song... I've not heard it before. Thanks! xoxoxo

  3. Now, THAT'S a bonding agent. Music. There's nothing like it.

    They're making a Broadway musical out of ONCE. Hope they don't screw it up too bad.

  4. i love this song! yes, i have the soundtrack AND the dvd! xoxoxox

  5. Fun rehearsals are the best and reading Keef's book he seems to have spent most of his life doing what you are doing and loving bonding with other like minded musicians.
    Spacing has gone to pot. Sorry.

  6. Yes please do a Youtube and let us all know when the tour starts.

  7. I will be back to listen to the song but Ponita is right: our P.R. firm needs something to show the world.

    Maybe if we talked to Kate..... ;)

  8. I love this duo. Such a beautiful song. So wonderful to be doing something you love.
    Push for Youtube, definitely!

  9. It sounds wonderful to be in the creative proses and having fun with it at the same time. I am looking forward to find your video at Youtube!

  10. Look forward to seeing the videos :)

  11. what wonderful fun for dad and daughter! and what precious gifts in each other and in your separate talent! am so happy for you both - would have paid well to have been there listening and watching and dancing 'bout with you two! and can't wait for the campfire soiree debuting the D&D Team!

    of the magnificent hansard/irglova, i am left speechless, just falling slowly into that beautiful song - the lyrics so remind me of someone - somewhere - beautiful! my heart thanks you for sharing!

  12. Would LOVE to see you both perform.

    And "Once"? Is there a more beautiful movie, or a more moving soundtrack? Saw Glen and Martina and the whole band in Minneapolis last year. I even went alone! and loved every moment...