Sunday, 9 January 2011

Be It Fair Or Stormy Weather, Take My Hand.

One of my most favourite songs, written by one of my favourite singer/songwriters (Paul Brady), sung by the legend (Liam Clancy), for my dear friend Peggy.


  1. this grabbed my heart, sugar! xoxoxoxo

  2. Sav; And mine missus. I had to kiss a dear friend goodbye tonight. :¬)


  3. Ah Map.... you are a true friend with such a big heart. What a lovely song for your dear friend. Many hugs for you, my friend. xoxoxoxo

  4. He is singing about some very significant things in our lives.

  5. what an incredibly beautiful homage to your dear friend, map! and what a friend in you!
    my heart to you during this time - i know you miss her - but remember, she is there, just a different there now -

    such magnificent lyrics - i have sat and listened and listened again - days of beauty calling vanishing through a haze - lost inside some spiral with no ending - still you bring me loving, free me with a touch - lead me out to greet the calm descending - when all is said and done - you are the only one -
    how that moves me!

    many hugs and much affection -

  6. Ooooh my comment disappeared. Now I know why - I forget to do the final step.
    It was a lovely song.

  7. A lovely tribute for Peggy mate, take it easy.

  8. All; Thank you so much. I like to think Peggy has been freed from her shackles, let loose to be the free being I once knew. :¬)