Thursday, 6 January 2011

Some Nights The Stars Do Align.

On a good night, a photographer such as Dermot Culhane can make a baldy fecker even such as 'MOI' look good!

And it WAS a good night.
How can I call nights like this 'work'?
(Though believe me, there are nights..... but not this night!)


  1. Culhane CAN'T GO WRONG with material like that to work with. Surrounded by the ladies. Your natural state, I take it?

  2. UB; It's amazing what a good photographer can do, though, when I look at it again, maybe I'm being TOO modest?

    Have a good weekend pal. :¬)

    sav; Ya, sometimes, even I see that missus! :¬)


  3. Ah, Map! In your element.... singing your heart out completely surrounded by women!!! xoxoxo

  4. I didn't notice you in the middle there mate--and on your knees---were you leading them all in a prayer ?

  5. Look at the "Irish Pimp" a swarm in lassies.
    Lucky man.

  6. Why you saucy boy! And all those young ladies. Mrs Map must be very understanding:)

  7. now, aren't you just absolutely SOMEthing, dear map!!! about you leading them in prayer, well, obviously, there was a bit of worship going on there! ;)

  8. Oh yeah...this is DEFINITELY the Godfather I need to help me out. ;)

  9. It sure looks like youre having fun..which is at least half the battle won. A lifetime ago I was a DJ for parties, weddings etc and I know exactly what you mean about how much fun some nights aren't..