Thursday, 26 February 2009

Tax all for now folks.

Got a tax bill during the week

The bill itself wasn't a surprise, had been expecting the brown envelope for a while.

But the amount. Sweet divine Jebus!

I was still in the feathers when Herself brought it up with my coffee.

(I get a coffee in bed every morning! She loves me that much.)

I knew it was bad when she told me to have the coffee before looking at the bill!

As I said, Sweet divine Jebus.

A small stroke was had by all!

Another coffee. Another small stroke!

Now I know things are bad in this country at the moment.

But my bill was for nearly 75% of my earnings!

So I get all the relevant paperwork together. Meanwhile shares in Nescafe go through the roof.

I call the tax office. The nice lady listened. (And she Was nice.)

"Yes I see what has happened".

A mistake had been made. Really?

Seemingly the tax office don't do the tax assessments anymore.

These are now 'farmed out to a private company, and some mistakes have been made'.

My bill should be significantly lower I was told.

Thank fuck for that.

Spent the reast of the day in the gym running around like a blue-arsed fly from all the coffee.

Haven't got the new bill yet tho'.


  1. Jaysus and Joseph.. Map, Monday to Wednesday goes through the books. Anything else is in the hat. Say nae more pal, reet?

  2. i dread the day,'s almost here. paying quarterly business tax doesn't lessen the blow for the personal...i swear, sugar, it is driving me to drink1 (ok, drink more!) xox

    ps. thanks for following my blog! ;)

  3. Holy shit! I would have had a coronary over a bill like that!

    I just submitted my income tax return for last year and expect a bit of a refund. But then, I am not self employed and I try to make sure I have enough deductions to give me a bit back...

    Helps pay off what I overspent at Christmas.

    Hope the new bill is a helluva lot more reasonable!

  4. so, here's the deal, sugar1 i tried to sign up to follow ya'll's blog,but dammit, it would only use my google account info (as in mah real name!!!), not my blogger until i figure out how to follow as savannah, i'm putting ya'll on mah blogroll! xoxox

  5. Jimmy, you know we don't carry on that type o' shenannigans in this good catlick country. So can I send me book to your kitchen?

    Savannah, nice of you to visit, ta very much. We don't really need massive tax bills to encourage our drinkin' tho'. Any excuse will do!

    Ponita, Welcome to Mapland. Still haven't got the new bill!

  6. Map: Trust me.. Monday thru Wednesday, give receipts. 3 outta 4 is good enough for Mr Broon. How else are you'se gonnae make a decent living?

  7. Tax sorted! One is getting money BACK from the revvies! 227 euros. I like it. I like it a lot, so I do.