Saturday, 28 February 2009

Sunday Sunday

Sundays are special to me.

For a lot of reasons. And I don't mean the religious type.

Because of my work, I do weekends and am 'off' during the week.

About a year ago we (the band) decided to take Sundays off.

Now seeing as our working week started on Friday evening and finished on Sunday night it might look as if we were being overly nice to ourselves!

But then we all kinda decided over a few pints one night, hey, we Are gettin' older!

And we can survive on two nights money.

We were never going to be millionaires anyway.

Two nights. Thats enough.

My kids are getting older, some of the other guys in the band have just become parents for the first time!

So Sundays are special .

I ALWAYS get up late on Sunday.

Herself ALWAYS brings me coffee in bed! (She does that every day).

We ALWAYS do stuff , any stuff, as a family on Sunday.

And even though we always sit and eat together during the week, I always like to cook something special on Sunday.

Sometimes the kids invite their friends, a thing we encourage.

So we often have a very full and lively house.

And it's just great.

And kids are great, the ones we know anyway.

You have to just give 'em a bit of freedom and encouragement innit!

Anyhoo, as I said at the start, Sundays are special.

But I kinda like the rest of the week too.

You know?


  1. I always get Sunday off too. But it is my quiet day of the week, when shops don't open until noon and since there is only me and the dog and cats in the house, there is no hustle and bustle.

    Kudos to you and the guys in the band for deciding that your lives are more important than your jobs. Your families and doing stuff together is always more important than the job.

    It's just too bad that so many people can't see that.

  2. Sundays is a day for the grandbaby, the kids and the big auld roast dinner. A stroll in the hills with the dogs, a wee snifter on the way hame. A quick snooze while the women blether, and then a quiet pint with the boys.

    Life is good!

  3. I'm afraid that Sundays tend to be a bit of a rush in our household with me trying to be ready for going back to London to work. Even although it's just the two of us, there seems to be so much to do. Saturdays are spent feeling tired after the week and Sundays are spent getting ready for it again. I've gone wrong somewhere.

  4. good for ya'll to start traditions in ya'lls family, sugar! that's what ours remember most - gathered around the table with friends and family! xoxo