Thursday, 19 February 2009

Bald? My arse!

A post over on Bock's about young fella's hair reminded me of my own luscious locks when I was a young teenager.

A long time ago that was.

I'm bald now. A happy bald.

"There's Mapstew the baldy fucker" they say as I enter the pub.

And everyone kisses my head and buys me drink.

I'm at one with bald.

I'm a shiny happy people person.

What I don't get is this;

Why, when the balding process starts,

Does the body suddenly decide to sprout hair every fuckin place else?

Where no hair is needed? At all. For fuck sake!

The fuckin Nose. The effing ears. The shaggin' shoulders.

And of course the back and crack!

And what's the story with eyebrows getting a mad fuckin' growth spurt all of a sudden?

Left unattended, mine would be quite at home, thank you very much, above the eyes of any old shagger in the Kremlin!


  1. Sweet jaysus, now thats a handsome looking bastart.

  2. It's the jacket that does it for me.