Thursday, 20 October 2011

Usual Thursday Night Shite.

It's Thursday, you know the score.
Map & Paul (the plumber) go for pints.
Talk shite.

I was telling him 'bout how I put a picture of a certain presidential canditate on FB and how I was mocking him and how some people didn't like such!

Paul is, well, very, how do we say, Nationilist!(That's not even a word, is it?) And wasn't a bit upset about my joshing of this other canditate. He did however get quite irate when I set the same jocularity on his fave choice as our first person. (I love 'rising him' as we say here!)

To be honest, I think this election is a joke, as are ALL the candidates. The Irish President has absoloutely NO power. The Irish President is no more than a symbol.

Even so, we don't want an asshole representing us abroad, so we gotta vote, and whadda we got?

Well, one of them won the Eurovision Song Contest, and the rest???


  1. The most important facet of shite-talking is knowing which button to push in order to send someone over the edge. You found Paul's. Exploit the hell out of it.

  2. A new blog look here, Stew... Very minimalist. Are you cutting costs... or corners?

    Never mind me. The MoS and I have been skyping (for over 3 hours, can you believe it when we live only 45 mins apart???). We were drinking together too and I'm a bit tipsy. I like the look, though I do prefer some kind of photographic evidence that it's you.

    But I do hope you get a non-asshole representing you. We have a horrible plastic useless man in head office right now. I can't stand him and I didn't vote for him. I voted for the man who unfortunately passed away from cancer just a short time ago. He was a fantastic party leader. I wish he'd become leader of the country and had not died of cancer, because I think he may have done great things with this country that I love.

    Like I said... never mind me, I'm a bit tipsy. ;-) xoxoxoxo

  3. Oh yes... you have Dana... I am looking forward to Cliff Richard taking up politics. He must be good at something, surely.

  4. Yeah, how did it come to this Maps? One minute you have the wonderful Mary Robinson representing you, and all the papers over here talking about how "we could always replace our monarchy with a decent president like Ireland have"
    And now?

  5. Most importantly how were the pints? and what did you have
    Cheers, Sausage...

  6. Scarlet:Cliff - 'He must be good at something, surely.'
    Map: naughty button pusher.

  7. I still don't understand WHY anyone would want to be President (or whatever) of a country. Might as well paint a target on you and hand people ammo. :)

    That said, I still hope for the best. I just wish the folks in America weren't already bashing each other....the election's a year away!

  8. Aren't all Yanks plastic and useless?