Sunday, 2 October 2011

I'm Here, I've Beer, Get Used to It!

I'm watchin' Amy Winehouse on one of the music channels, 'Rehab'.
And only yesterday saw the vid for her duet with Tony Bennett. Exquisite!

I remember being a young teenager, thinking I would never be 21.
Why would I think that?
I sure as hell don't remember why I had such thoughts back then, I just remember that I did.
And I remember it was not a good feeling.

I also remember being a happy teenager, but mostly, well, I would not like to re-live those years.

I remember when I split with my fiance (at the ripe old age of 21!) feeling like someone had stuck their big pointy finger right into my heart and twisted and twisted...

And then I remember rediscovering music, via some of my (now) oldest friends.
And I became me.

We were making (in our opinion) some fantastic music.
We were gonna be huge! (This was before Simon GOWL!)

We never did become huge, but we did keep doing what we loved.
And some of us still make quite a decent living doing just that!

I'm gonna live forever?

I love what I do, where I am, so maybe this is where I'm meant to be right now.

Unlike every other kid these days, I never craved fame, especially not the instant fame glorified today in shows like X-Factor/Idol. I truly believe these shows screw with the minds of so many kids!

As for Amy, I believe she was a true talent, fucked up, but a talent none the less.
And she will be remembered for quite a long time.

I, on the other hand, at 50 years of age, one who could never dream of having a gift such as hers, am still here.

And I intend on being here for quite a while! Slainte! :¬)



  1. Living should be considered a talent too Maps.

  2. Being happy with what you do is much more valuable than making it big..and 'big' is a matter of opinion anyway; your fans consider you as big as big gets!

  3. Back to Black is such an extraordinary album. Front to back, not a weak track on it. I'm so sorry she's gone. She could have pumped out one classic album after another. And I feel cheated that I never got to see her perform.

    Fame is a sucker's game. I would love untold wealth, but you can have fame. It seems to me you have struck the perfect chord; able to perform for a living, but without the relentless negativity that fame brings.

  4. And I intend on being here for quite a while! Slainte! :¬)

    amen, bubba! ;) xoxoxoxox

  5. "We never did become huge, but we did keep doing what we loved.
    And some of us still make quite a decent living doing just that!"

    Can any artist ask for more?
    You see you can never use quotes on any of Jimmy's blogs - a great haund comes out and slaps you down.
    I'm wanting to hear/see some of her collaboration with Tony. Amy I mean.

  6. Nice one Map.. B

  7. Doing what you love and loving what you do ...
    we should all be so lucky!
    Fame is fleeting.
    It changes on the whip of the wind.

  8. The cliche of money not buying happiness is so true. I'm glad you grew up without the influence of Professional Grumps like Simon the Sour.

    Although the journey can be weird at times, (and it's the journey we're suppose to enjoy "they" say), I truly believe we end up where we're meant to be.

    Otherwise, how in the world would we have found you? :)

  9. Doing what you love and are good at is the best place to be!!

    I'd love to be anonymously wealthy... no fame for me, thanks, but I'll take the fortune. If I can find it. No one wants to sell me that elusive winning lottery ticket! ;-)


  10. so few can claim loving where they are - let alone what they do - i am privileged to be able to say that, as well - cheers, sir!


  11. Macy; Aye! Hope you are keeping well. :¬)


    Tempo; True, I am a happy and lucky man! :¬)

  12. UB; Ya, I can live without the fame (though I'm quite well known in me own little neck of the woods!) but untold wealth was never something I craved either. We always seem to be 'robbing Peter to pay Paul' but it's always been that way, and it always seems to balance in the end. (I wouldn't mind having a little nest-egg though!) :¬)

    sav; And Amen missus! :¬)


  13. Pat; Oh no! Never try to 'borrow' anything from Jimmy!

    And yes, Tony & Amy were a perfect match vocally. :¬)

    Anon; Thank you B! :¬)

  14. BlazngScarlet; Yes, 'tis lucky I am. Though it took many years and a lot of work to be able to make even a 'livable' income in this business! :¬)


    hope; Or I you?! :¬)


  15. Pon; Keep doin' those numbers I gave ya, they're come up any day now! :¬)


    GYPSYWOMAN; Sláinte! :¬)


  16. Map: Untold wealth is freedom. It's not a better car, a younger woman or a bigger house. It's pure, bright, white freedom to indulge your deepest passion. That's why I'd want it.