Saturday, 8 October 2011

Food, Friends, Family & Fun.

Saturday night and no gig! And though I would prefer to be working (and earning!) it was a Saturday night off so I invited baby bro Eddie and his lovely Val over for dinner. They are, apart from meself & Annette, probably two of the most easy-going people we know, so dinner is always casual, and fun.

I had the main course cooked (Thai red curry with chicken & vegetables on basmati rice with a sprinkling of lime juice), but cooked the starter (King prawns, pan fried in butter with sweet chilli sauce, served on a rocket & cherry tomato salad) when they arrived, whilst we were all having drinks in the kitchen.
Dessert was Eton Mess (with organic strawberry yoghurt instead of cream).

Drinks followed, except for our Eddie, who is on meds for a back injury! I introduced Val to Lime Vodka, I think she like!

I cook every day, I do almost all of the cooking for the family, it's something I love doing, and I love it when I see bare (or almost bare) plates at my table of an evening! And I was pleased tonight.

But apart from the food, the four of us get on so well, we laugh, chat (no subject is out of bounds!) sing, be merry. At one stage we all had tears of laughter recalling an old story of a mutual friend, a story that may never be told on a blog! (Let's just say the story is about a 'shit-stick'!) The two younger daughters were watching 'X-Factor' in the adjoining living room and even had the sound turned down so as to listen to our stories!

A good night was had by all. ( I should have taken some photies of the food?!)

Enjoy the rest of the weekend my friends.


  1. What a great evening - I'd have swapped X Factor for that any day of the week. Thoroughly approve of the substituting organic yog instead of cholesterol boosting cream.
    Mrs Map must be well pleased.

  2. perfect saturday, sugar! we're having a dinner party tonight, so i'll take pics of the food! xoxoxo

  3. Sounds like the perfect neighborhood to live in here...if photos of food were present. ;)

    Glad you have family that is fun. Then again, being related to you, how could they NOT be?

  4. You deserve the night off. Glad to see you spent it so well.

  5. Sounds like the perfect way to enjoy a night off!


  6. But do you do the washing up after, too? ;)

    Normally I'd be quite jealous of those who had the pleasure of dining on your fare, but it's Thanksgiving weekend here and turkey and trimmings trumps pretty much anything else for me. Mention your menu any other week, though, and it would set off some serious cravings!

    Good food and good company - it doesn't get any better than that.

  7. Oh Pat, if the truth be outed (ooops, my past is catching up with me again) I am truly in my element when I am in a group of people like minded, fellow sequin wearing fans, pearly buttons and feather boas abound. We laugh, we giggle, we sip raw gin and think back to the glorious days when men with leather clad bottoms was a badge of pride instead of a VIP pass to homosexuality.

    Our many dinner parties often consist of a varied eclectic mix of funny handshakes, leather aprons, toad licking and exchanging life size posters of Kenny Miller. We frolic quite happily in gay abandon before joining hands and posturing in turn at the magical gypsy powers of Mystic Meg the mixed up melodramatic Queen of chic and our pin up boy Simon Cowell.

    Our mutual friend, although extremely hetrosexual and macho looking he is (even wearing a kilt as only a true Scotsman can) is broadminded enough to turn a blind eye as we frolic and sing our way through the entire soundtrack of 'The Wizard of Oz' complete with costumes and full makeup. I have plenty of photies available should anyone wish to see me dressed to kill as the delightful young Dorothy (complete with yappy dog)

    Now, on a more serious note, does anyone know how to get chocolate fondue stains out of silk?

  8. I'm still waitin' on 'those' photies I asked ya to send on, ya wee shite!

  9. Photie please - especially of O.M.F. in a kilt. Is he in Heaven , is he in Hell...

  10. Oh heavens! Sounds like a great bash! Parties like that are the best, when all in attendance are having fun!

    The MoS and I have parties like that every weekend, only without the costumes and it's just the two of us. ;-)

  11. OoOoOoO .... sounds like my kind of party!
    Oh yes, and photos of any kind would be greatly appreciated! =)

  12. Pat, our friend has massively built long legs that curl and bristle with the muscle of his labours fruit. His general physique is bit like Michelangelo's 'David' but probably more enhanced in the lunchbox area if the grafitti in the ladies toilet is anything to go by. I wouldn't know for sure as his kilt is yet to blow up in front of me. The sheer fact that he has to stand several feet back from the urinal is an indication that it is not only the Glasgoe Fire Department that has to unravel a long hose.

    It can be annoying being slightly on the short side when standing next to him, but even more annoying is the way he likes to use my polished skull to stack beer mats on to win bets. I believe the record is close to 67 at the last attempt.

    For Christmas last year he bought me a pair of lifts for my shoes, which was nice, but he has obviously never had to wear high heels when performing on stage.

    Ah well, you gotta love him, all 250lbs of him and his Glesga humour.

  13. I fear my wee pal sees me through rose tinted glasses such is his admiration for masel! I'm more akin tae the Buddah lad than the Michaelangelo fella in general physique, 'tis all the deep fried pizzas & Buckfast what has taken it's toll I fear! (Tis the big belly indeed that keeps me so far back fro the urinals!) And aye, the Glasgow Fire Dept have been called out on more than one occasion tae lift my bulk offa the bog when I've passed out (once again) fae the demon drink! If it wasn't for the wee fella's care sure I'd never get home!

    250lbs? The wee lad surely means 250kgs? Bless his heart, but he means the world to me!

  14. Bless his heart indeed. He has been a real pal to me over the years. I remember him coming around the hoose in the early days of my career, before I became famous. I would be out there driving the tour bus (occasionally in my full Dorothy oufit) in all sorts of weather, mile after mile, night after freezing night on the road. Not once did I ever have to worry that my beloved missus map was lonely in my absence with Jimmy around. In fact, my beautiful tall girls still refer to him as their 'other dad'.

    Tis funny how they used to hide his big shoes under their mammys bed so often, a game they still play it would seem.

  15. Aye! And sure doesn't the map fella repay me 100 fold these by helping my own missus out almost every day while I'm down in Engerland (spit!) on the buildings! Tis my youngest lad you see, determined he is to make it in the Show buisness, and if it wasn't for the Map driving all over Glesga and picking him up after all those classes (three different dance classes alone, tap, modern and ballet!) why herself would be worn thin! Not to mention speech & drama! And as fer the singin', well he tells me he wants to be just like his 'Uncle' Map who gives Mammy singing lessons when daddy is away. He doesn't think his ma will ever make it as a singer though 'cos all she's learned so far is some religious piece with only two words repeated over and over! "I don't think she's good at taking lessons" he told me last weekend on my return ,'Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!' is all she howls when he's giving her one!

    Love the banter ... and the love! =)

  17. Well now, for the love of all things holy. That man Jimmy himself is a bit of a wan. He got home the other night and Siobhan was in the bedroom, half naked and looking flustered.

    "The new wardrobe's arrived Jimmy," she panted, "I had to move it myself."

    He rushed over to it and yanked open the door to find the Ikea man hiding inside.

    "See you!" he shouted "What the feck do you think you're doing hiding in there, letting herself struggle upstairs on her own?!"

    He wasn't always so lucky with the wimmin so. When he was 15 he met a girl in the park who proved that fat girls really do try harder.
    She put up a valiant effort, but that amount of chloroform would have put a Rhino down.

    Poor oul Jimmy, when we were weans he shaved my best friends eyebrows off during a drinking session when he was sleeping.
    I couldn't stop laughing in the morning, he just rolled around wagging his tail.

  18. I've heered of 'comin' out', but from an actual closet??

  19. This is better than watching the soaps on the telly... ;-)

  20. Dinner sounds exquisite.

    Hello Jimmy!!!!

    And all of you too.

  21. I agree Ponita ... waaaaaaay better! lol

    Have a lovely weekend all .... =)