Wednesday, 7 January 2015


As I get older, my love, and appreciation, for good whiskey, and whisky, grows stronger.
I bought four drams on New years eve for the band, a tradition I started many years ago. And still two of the guys threw it down the gullet like a shot. Some people never learn!
Whiskey/Whisky has to be respected, like a good friend. I learned a lot about the Golden Stuff from my good friend Jimmy. A great teacher, and not just about the delights of warming refreshments. Every trial I am put through in this life I hear your words speak to me.
Until we meet again dear friend, I will continue to raise a glass of something from the top shelf to the good health of you, Sinéad, and your family. Slàinte from your Limerick family.


  1. Same place here. The older I get the better the whiskey tastes. The good stuff, at least. Been doing my best to share the knowledge with those who keep with me.


  2. Good to see you, brother. To your health and the health of everyone you love. *click*

  3. i'll drink to that! Slàinte!

  4. Although I am not a whisky drinker myself, I do understand the taking of time to savour the flavour. As I savour your friendship, and that also of our absent tall friend. Warm hugs to both of you. xoxoxo

  5. I promise that I only drink whisky with the finest Coca-cola :-)