Friday, 16 January 2015


Babies.. I have a love for babies, always have. Maybe it's because I have four younger siblings, and a heck of nieces & nephews.
I've been changing nappies (diapers) since I was about six years old, part of growing up in a large family. (Ma & my dear departed older sis were pregnant three times together!)
When I got married I wondered what my kids would be like should I have any. Well, we had three beautiful, talented, wonderful girls. Two of them now in their twenties.
They are still our babies.
Always will be.
When any one of them hurt, a bit of my heart breaks.
Bits of my heart are breaking far too much recently. But I have to be strong, my baby is hurting, and when I look at her I don't see the adult she has become, I see the helpless little bundle who changed our lives forever. The one I promised I would always be there for. Her Da.


  1. They're always our babies... letting go is the toughest thing we'll ever do for them. <3

  2. *hugs* it's so very true, bubba. xoxoxoxo

  3. Maybe it is different with sons but sometimes I feel I am their baby:)