Wednesday, 5 June 2013


*The weather here is just (pure dead) brilliant right now. Everyone seems to be in a good mood when the sun is shining.

*It's been almost a week since my second baby moved into her apartment. I see her more now than when she lived at home. Must be my cooking?

*Like my dear friend Chef, I was people-watching while eating lunch today (in a busy shopping centre). People are fascinating!

*Ma is up out of the bed, downstairs, and doing well. (Last week she was, and I quote 'only ever goin' to come down that fuckin' stairs again in a box!') Though the heat is getting to her this week.

*I managed to get a fairly large Winnie the Poo stuffed toy out of one of those grabber machines at a local arcade/bowling alley, and on the first attempt, and after drink had been taken! (I'm SO feckin' cool!)

*Sometimes (usually when Chef has passed out. Again!) I drink beer from a wine glass and pretend I'm in France.

*I had a one year old baby running about the house this morning (my pal's wee one). I had forgotten how much everyday stuff they can fall over! Baby's are fun.

*Sleepovers make 14yr old daughters very cranky the next day.

*Is it 'Wine before Beer' or 'Beer before Wine'? Oh well, after wine, beer, wine, beer, wine, beer........hic!

*Might hit the beach tomorrow, so got to go practice sucking in my belly. Later beaches!


  1. There are some great truths there mate. I envy your warm weather as we have just gone into Winter and it's getting cold...

  2. xoxoxoxo, bubba! you've been a very busy guy!

  3. Nice little slice o' life there, Buck-o. More, please.

  4. Congrats on obtaining your Winnie the Poop, but the whole idea of the grab machines is to use the controls and the lifting device inside, no throw an ashtray through the glass windy and remove it by hand.

    Will you never learn...

  5. Sounds like someone is having fun. :)

  6. Kymbo; We get a week at best mate, nothing to envy here, except of course the beautiful countryside, being able to get to the coast in an hour no matter where you live, the great pubs, fantastic people and how much we love Aussies! :¬)

  7. sav; Busy yes, and sometimes naughty. But you knew that. :¬)


  8. Chef; Haha, no ashtrays in public places here no more bigman, it was an empty Coatbridge Table Wine bottle!


  9. hope; In many ways! :¬)


  10. Wine bottles in Coatbridge? That's a wee bit optimistic oul son. More chance of Walter Smith winning a trophy this year.