Friday, 10 May 2013

Whistle Down The Wind

When my phone rings and it's a strange number it's either someone looking to book a gig or someone looking for money. Guess which is my favourite?

Earlier in the week I had one of those 'strange' numbers calling me, but it was neither of the above. It was a cousin of mine. I haven't met him since his Da's funeral a couple of years ago. His Ma was my Da's sister.

''Máirtín'' says he, "I was given a voucher for a music store, I have no use for it, and as you are the first person to come to mind  when it comes to music I would be delighted if you could use it to purchase something in the store that would be of use to you in your work. "

Of course I was delighted, not only with the gift, but with the thought. We are about the same age, and though I meet his younger sister at least a couple of times a week I tend to meet him only at weddings and funerals.
And strangely, I had just come from visiting his parents grave a few hours previously.

It's been a very strange week. Strange dreams, interrupted sleep, coincidences.

I'll visit the music shop this weekend, I have a wee something in mind. My favourite instrument to play is the whistle, usually only a few euro's to buy... but there's a tuneable wooden 'D' I'd like, (The Tony Dixon DX022 Dual Head Low Whistle & Flute) a bit more expensive for such a simple instrument. I hope they stock it.


  1. Well, nice people tend to have NICE things happen to them every now and then. I'd say it's about time it was your turn. :)