Saturday, 18 May 2013

We Can Rule The World

Took the bus into town today.
There was only one other person waiting at the bus stop.

Says he, "Do you know what time it is in Tokyo?"
Says me, "No idea pal."
Says he, "It's twenty past four."
Says me, "Thanks for that."
Says he, "Not a bother pal, any time."

He smoked his rollie.

Say he, "As a kid, I dreamed of being a world leader when I grew up. I suppose the best I can hope for these days is to rule a small country."
Says me, "I wish you well in your endeavors."
Says he, "Thanks for the chat, let's do this again soon."
Says me, "No problem Pal."

And off he went back across the road, into the hospital.


  1. St. Josephs again eh? You know your restraining order does not allow you within 50ft of the oul place, right?

  2. Ha, I wonder what was in that rollie. ;)

  3. Let us hope he wasn't a doctor. :)

  4. Chef; They don't want me back, not to mention me front! :¬)

  5. Joey; He was a harmless soul, I enjoyed my little bit of time with him, as he did with me, I hope. :¬)

  6. hope; Aye, nice wee soul. :¬)


  7. You're a good egg for conversing with him, Map, even if he wasn't quite with it. Sometimes the loonies can be very entertaining; I get to chat with a couple of those at work on a regular basis. They quite enjoy making small talk that makes everyone smile. Of course, if you need to talk seriously with them, it's a lost cause...

  8. Pon; I just be me, most of the time. I've had my own troubles, I know what it's like. Have a nice weekend pal. :¬)


  9. Reminds me of the old story of an inmate being visited by a social worker who had a lucid conversation with him and promised to do all he could to get him out.
    As the social worker was about to leave the grounds he was felled being hit by brick. He turned around to see the inmate waving and shouting:
    'Don't forget mate.'