Tuesday, 12 February 2013

3 - 0 at Home

We lost Three Nil at home tonight.

Life is good when that's not the worst news ever.

If you know what that means, you know me.



  1. That was a tough one, don't know what Ambrose was thinking most of the night, guess we could question Neil about the selection but he's gotten 'em this far, chalk it up to a bad day, missing Samaras hurt and i'd much like to see more of young Mr. Watt, maybe a bit earlierl but i left the house today with my Celtic hat proudly on me head.

  2. Kono; Good man! And yes, Watt, another good man! :¬)

    Loyalty is still the same,
    Whether it win or lose the game;
    True as a dial to the sun,
    Although it not be shined upon.

  3. Shaddup.... so, what's been going on with the wean then?

  4. Chef; Everything under control.