Monday, 19 March 2012


At night, late, as the world (my little world) around me sleeps peacefully, as I sit here in the quiet at my desk, the only sounds being the gentle whirr of the fan on my old computer tower and the slight tinnitus in my amplifier-damaged ears, I sit and try to write my story. My stories.

But as yet they have struggled, and continue to struggle to make the journey from my head to my fingers. So for now, the ramblings, the noises of the past, the sound-track to my life, are just not making the cut! The twitches are there in my brain, I can hear the sparks at times, but the electric connections so essentially vital to jump-start those tales into life are just not making contact.

Oh believe me, the fabric is there, the patterns have been chalked, drawn and cut, the finished product sketched on stark white in vivid technicolour. We just can't get the thread into that damn needle.
Shaky fingers? Fear? New specs?
Or maybe just more time.

I saw a new baby today, a beautiful new creature, new life. I watched as his father fed him, as his mother dressed him, as his sisters poked him and tried to get my attention away from this addition to their family and back to them!
Life, lives, all starting out in the same way, all helpless, all different. All beautful. I can be in my extreme happy place when I am holding a new baby.

Mother's Day. Gift for Ma? A bottle of Jameson. A happy Ma!

The stories will one day make the journey from addled mind to stubby fingers, in the meantime I'll just keep making more.

Stick around my friends, stick around.

(As for the photie, put your cursor dead centre, the cute kid to the left of the kid with the specs?)


  1. We're waiting for those tales mate...when youre ready!

  2. you write, i'll read.

    you sing, i'll listen.

    it's all goood, bubba! ;~)


  3. Something has to trigger the start.
    Sometimes just browsing through old photos can start you off.
    When I first started blogging I found my comments triggered questions from fellow bloggers and it seemed a natural progrssion just to get it down in a piece.
    It will come - I know. Enjoy the journey.

  4. Quite often a large story is just a string of little stories that then end up linking together as you realise there are themes that bring them into place. Just do bite-size chunks until you have a collection to start playing with :)

  5. Like Savannah says, "You write, I'll read. You sing, I'll listen." I'm sure the stories will start to flow eventually with the right stimulus. xoxoxo

    Cute little man, indeed!!! I see they didn't let you fraternize with the girls back then... ;-)

  6. I can relate to the amplifier damaged hearing!

    Good luck with the writing, I'm sure it will all fall into place at the right time. :)

  7. Sav. & Ponita beat me to it!

    As for the stories, they'll come when you least expect it. Something as innocent as eating the first ice cream cone during summer heat or having to wear a certain piece of this day I HATE grey wool due to an unfortunate illness which hit me as a child while wearing a grey wool jumper. *shudder*

    So just keep talking to us. And one day, you'll look back at a blog post and think, "Why look! THAT's part of my life story!" x

  8. The journey from your head to your fingers -- that's the rub, isn't it? Figure that out and you get the keys to the kingdom.