Sunday, 20 November 2011

Sunday Night.

Ya, why not.
The Locke?

Me and herself, quite happy in our own company.
Nice music, guitar and fiddle.
We like.

Looking out the window,
See Sis and Don (her patner) & Caroline (my fave cousin).
They come in.
And the night STARTS!

Had great craic with the band,
Lots of danncing!

'Let's go to The Gate' says sis, so we do.

And the band recognise me, and I end up being the 'Guest Star'!
I did four songs, and a tune on the whistle!
And I loved it!

And a good night was had by all.
A quite unexpected night.
Aren't they always the best?


  1. i think your sunday was way better than mine, sugar! ;) xheers! xoxoxoxo

  2. Like you said, Maps, the unexpected ones are always the best!
    Them, and the ones that don't need new clothes...

  3. That's what I call living!

  4. Yes, sir, unexpected parties are always the best. Wish x 10,000 that I could have been there.

    Had to Google "craic." Follow a blog and you'll learn something new.

  5. The unexpected is usually way more exciting, and yours sounds AMAZING!