Saturday, 5 November 2011

Have A Good Sunday, And Keep On Smilin'!


  1. Nice choice.

    To this day if I'm having one of those trying days, Hubby will break out into this song. Makes me grin every time.

    This made me smile too.

  2. So effortless - she just opens her mouth and magic happens.
    Now I can go and hang out the washing.

  3. P.R.Otestant (Holland)6 November 2011 at 10:30

    This is Holiday in England ya?

  4. UB; I KNOW! (Thankfully, with me it's all 'beauté, sans tragédie'!) :¬)

    hope; Good man is that hubby of yours! :¬)


    Pat; A beautiful sunny autumn day here, no wind for drying though! :¬)


    P.R.O.. Is? :¬)

  5. I'm dancin' in my chair! ;-) Winter is officially on its way... we got about 2 cm of snow last night and at 2:30 pm, it is still mostly on the ground. This song certainly brightened up my day, though, so I am smilin' too! xoxoxo

  6. Richard & Judy8 November 2011 at 11:19

    Speaking of smiling, Isnt it ironic that it's Michael Jacksons doctor that's been sent to jail for injecting milky white fluid into a younger persons body...

  7. Summer and Ami went rat long ago due to Rove doing the same.
    This led to all the books being divulged about Ger- Rick- Guy- Bill.
    Berriro has knocked out Romney- UM.
    Anne - Ted- Schar- Nevada- all went rogue .
    Ruth- Stan- same.

  8. So several thousand poor students are protesting in England again today about Uni fees.

    Is there one weak Englishman amongst the lot who remembers Bloody Sunday I ask myself?