Thursday, 23 December 2010


So, ever since we got married, and especially since the babies came on board, this is what we do on Christmas eve.
We call it the Santa run.
All five of us load up the Stew Wagon with our gifts, and off we go.

Nanna Stew is usually first call, Aunty Rena lives there too, and so does niece Carol at the moment, and grand-niece Abbie. So four birds with the one stone.
Then uncle Eddie & Val. (My youngest Bro & his wife & family.) Then Bobby, Jacinta, Jimmy, Helen. Pajoe, Noelie. Mrs. Mac, my Bud Jim & Ber & Lexie, Paul & Fran, Aisling & Aine. And More.

I never gig on Christmas eve, too tired from the visits, and so much to do.

I start cooking my ham about 9pm. Then start my veg preps. We don't do turkey, but we have a leg of lamb and two ducks.

Starters to get ready, desserts to prepare, wine to cool.

Better get to the 'leaba'!(Bed!)

Tá a lán tuirse orm!
Oiche mhaith agat mo chairde go léir!

I sang this song for the first time tonight.

Love it, Love Bruce.

(Ya HAVE ta love Bruce!)




  1. What a fantastic tradition, Map! I love that!!!

    Also love Bruce and that song especially. It would be one for you to youtube.... *hint hint* ;-) xoxoxo

  2. You DO have to love Bruce, and so I do.


    Merry Christmas, Map.

    And what does Santa say? :-) "They tried to make me go to rehab, and I said Ho, Ho, Ho".



  3. A great tradition Maps! If your weather's like ours, you're going to need a Santa Sleigh this evening!
    Merry Christmas!

  4. Great tradition Map...keep the spirit alive!

  5. That sounds like a real traditional family Christmas. Try to have a rest amidst all that cooking and have a great 2011.

  6. @ Pearl: Groan.

    Have a Merry Christmas, Sir Map. Safe travels. A ham cooks a ham.

  7. Have a very merry time Map - hugs xxxx

  8. Sounds like a fun packed holiday! For us, it's the birthday of Hubby's Mom, so we cook for her. I baked her a pecan pie yesterday.

    Yes, Bruce is a good guy. But like Ponita, I'd like Santa to bring us a MAP version of those classics. ;)

  9. Many to visit, lots to do - hope it all runs smoothly for you :)

  10. a beautiful tradition and lovely story - thanks so much for sharing -

    agus a thabhairt duit, cara daor, oíche mhaith dtí amarach! Is breá mhianta agus i bhfad níos fearr a thabhairt duit agus mise!

    agus chun ár gcara daor a bhfuil a sciatháin waft lastuas ó afar, tá mé ag tabhairt aire a sheoladh smaointe fillte go léir le Bow mór dearg!

    [and i so hope the google translation voice spoke correctly!] ;)

  11. Very energetic and sounds like a blast! Merry Christmas to you and your gang!

  12. Truly the Christmas spirit. May you and the rest of the Stew family enjoy what is left of the day.

  13. You never gig on Christmas eve...see, now I have to go trolling through your blog to find out what that means. Way to keep me busy!

  14. Hey MapMan, long time no read, hope you had a lovely day full of lamb, ham and fam!!

    Hey, what's happened to Jimmy??