Wednesday, 22 December 2010

It Was A Cold Dark Night!

Went to a comedy club tonight.
The four support acts were that bad I lost the will to live, let alone wait for the guy I went to see! (Dave McSavage.)
I did bump into him in the lav though!
He looked sadder than me.
(Nice hat though!)
And he had yet to face the crowd I had just left.
Dave is a seriously funny man.
But don't keep us waiting Dave, don't wait for a bigger crowd.Don't be hangin' out in the lav!
Come upstairs and make us laugh.You lost a good audience, cos people were leaving in droves! Well maybe not droves, but TWOS! As did the 'Maps.! (It was a small crowd to start off with!)


My first review!


  1. This reminds me of the review of the Mike Myers bomb The Love Guru. The Times critic said it was so bad and so lacking in humor that it made him wonder if he would ever laugh again.

    Did you pay a cover charge? Added insult.

  2. Oh dear... I just hate it when something is that bad, that you can't stick it out til the end. Sorry to hear it was a waste of time (but hopefully not too much money).

  3. Wow, that bad eh? Geez that sucks mate. I went to a show like that..started out full of promise, enthusiasm and fun..but went bad real quick. Thats the last time I get married!

  4. There are no comedy clubs around here. Perhaps we're lucky...

  5. But I would still go to see an Irish, Scottish, English or Australian comedian before an American---I'm not sure I understand their humor---oh, except Robin William

  6. Ah Clyde, Robin Williams is possibly from another planet. :)

    I hope someone lets this guy know that the warm up act is putting the audience into a deep freeze. Oh well, at least you got to SEE him before you left. ;)

  7. oh, so sorry to hear of your comedy club plight - you know, i've never been to a comedy club, actually - not really my cuppa tea so to speak - but i do love entertainment and funny stories and good jokes and just good times and laughter - alas, sounds as if your evening lacked all these - but then, there's your review! and unlike your mister mcsavage, you never ever let your audience down!!! ;)

  8. It is so sad when comedian is not funny. Maybe he is even pathetic.

  9. Deep gloom all around but have yourself a very merry Christmas:)