Thursday, 14 October 2010

strange night

And it was strange.
And fun.
But strange.
But fun.
Don't you just love showbiz?


  1. Strange IS fun. And fun IS strange. You've got it! Re: showbiz. All I've ever been is the audience. But you'd be nowhere without us. Just remember that, bub.

  2. Ha! I think UB has a point, Map. :-D

    But as long as it's fun, then it's okay!!!


  3. i'm with pat! i miss the fun. sing a song for me soon, ok, bubba? xoxoxxo

  4. As long as Pon and I don't need to post bail or buy any um...unflattering photos, have fun. :)

  5. All; Last night was a memorial gig for our friend 'Fats' who died earlier this year. He had played in many bands during his career and most of his fellow bandmates showed up to do a turn. It was happy and sad, but overall great fun. We got to chat with friends we haven't seen in a while, sang songs with different bands, had other musicians play with us etc. And to top it all, over 5000 Euros was raised for our local hospice, the one where 'Fats' and my sister Helen were cared for during their last days.

    Thank you all for your comments. :¬)


  6. Sounds like a fantastic night---great memories with good friends

  7. Sounds like a good night for all sorts of reasons. Congrats on raising that much. Hope all well.